Hultgren Meets With Small Business Advisory Committee

From the Hultgren for Congress campaign (14th District)…

ST. CHARLES – Randy Hultgren, Republican candidate for Congress, met with more than fifty 14th District small business owners and employees today, members of the Hultgren campaign’s Small Business Advisory Committee. The National Federation of Independent Business and U.S. Chamber of Commerce have endorsed Hultgren.

“This morning’s meeting was a great opportunity for me to hear the concerns and needs of small business owners and employers from across our district,” said Randy Hultgren. “Small business owners and employers remain deeply concerned about the alarmingly anti-business climate in Washington – the out-of-control spending, the looming tax hikes, and the uncertain regulatory climate that discourages investment and growth.

“They also know, as I do, that getting our economy moving and putting Americans back to work doesn’t require massive Washington spending programs but will instead require commonsense government. To restore economic prosperity, we need to keep taxes low and regulations reasonable, and work to reduce spending and the national debt.”

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