Schilling Releases Statement on Military Ballots

From the Schilling for Congress campaign (17th District)…

Schilling: “I urge the state of Illinois to do everything possible to right this wrong.”

EAST MOLINE, IL–Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for Congress in the Illinois 17th District, released the following statement in response to reports that the Department of Justice is investigating the state of Illinois for absentee ballot infractions that could result in military ballots not being counted in the 2010 Midterm Election:

“I am stunned and disappointed to hear that members of the military may not have their votes counted. This would be a slap in the face to our brave men and women who risk their lives to fight for our freedom. I urge the state of Illinois to do everything possible to right this wrong. I stand in strong support of our service men and women and believe their voices must be heard.”

Bobby Schilling, a native of Rock Island, graduated from Alleman High School and attended Black Hawk College. Schilling, a local business owner, is the Republican candidate for the 17th Congressional District in Illinois. Bobby is running on a platform of bringing jobs and real representation back to the 17th District. Earlier this year, Schilling conducted a 34-city “Bob’s for Jobs” tour, where he met with voters and employers all across the 17th District. Schilling was recently named an official ‘Young Gun’ by the National Republican Congressional Committee in their Young Guns program of top tiered races.

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Schilling Releases Statement on Military Ballots”

  1. It strikes me as odd that in a nation that is so litigious that no one is suing the hell out of Illinois for this? Have I missed something? Where are the demands for impeachment of the government officials tasked with this legal mandate to produce and mail absentee ballots at the appropriate time? No class action suits? What gives?

    These are the same people who won’t purge a voter list of dead and moved people. I see a consistent theme here, INCOMPETENCE… One doesn’t need to claim political bias.

  2. It’s Illinois. There is no state more corrupt. Democrats control everything in the state so don’t expect anyone to be suing anyone. The same people in charge of suing people are the same ones in charge of cutting out the military from voting.

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