October 11,12: Illinois Turnaround Tour DuPage County & McHenry County

The Illinois Policy Institute is sponsoring a bus tour (The Illinois Turnaround Tour) of the state to get voters excited about the fast approaching elections. This week they have stops in nearby DuPage and McHenry Counties.

Real change starts here…and real change starts with you.

Think the national government is a mess? Take a closer look at Illinois.

For years, Illinois politicians have driven our state in the wrong direction—a direction that’s leading us to financial ruin. That’s why we’re launching the Illinois Turnaround Campaign, focused on practical, common-sense solutions to our state’s problems:

October 11th: Illinois Turnaround Tour McHenry County (Crystal Lake) Monday, October 11th

McHenry County College
Conference Center
8900 US Highway 14
Crystal Lake, IL 60012

6:30pm Doors Open
7pm – 7:30pm Turnaround Tour Presentation
7:30pm -9pm Candidates Forum

Invited Candidates:
Joe Walsh (R): 8th Congressional District (Confirmed)
Melissa Bean (D): 8th Congressional District
Bill Scheurer (G): 8th Congressional District
Donald Manzullo (R): 16th Congressional District (Confirmed)
George Gaulrapp (D): 16th Congressional District
Terry Campbell (G): 16th Congressional District
Mark Beaubien (R): State Representative 52nd District (Confirmed)
Michael Tryon (R): State Representative 64th District
Robert Kaempfe (D): State Representative 64th District
John O’Neill (R): State Representative 63rd District (Confirmed)
Jack Franks (D): State Representative 63rd District
Keith Nygren (R): McHenry County Sheriff (Confirmed)
Mike Mahon (D): McHenry County Sheriff (Confirmed)
Gus Philpott (G): McHenry County Sheriff (Confirmed)

October 12th: Illinois Turnaround Tour DuPage County (Naperville) Tuesday, October 12th

Lisle/Naperville Hilton Hotel
Birch Room
3003 Corporate West Drive
Lisle, IL 60532

6:30pm Doors Open
7pm – 7:30pm Turnaround Tour Presentation
7:30pm -9pm Candidates Forum(s)

Invited Candidates:
Representative Dennis Reboletti (R): 46th House District
Deborah Conroy (D): Candidate, 46th House District
Mr. Chris Nybo (R): Candidate, 41st House District
Mr. Brian Stephenson (D): Candidate, 41st House District
Representative Michael Connelly (R): Candidate, 48th House District
Barbara Green (D): Candidate, 48th House District
Representative Darlene Senger (R): 96th House District (Confirmed)
Dawn DeSart (D): Candidate, 96th House District
Representative Randy Ramey (R): 55th House District
Mr. Gregory Brownfield (D): Candidate, 55th House District
Representative Mike Fortner (R): 95th House District
Maria Owens (D): Candidate, 95th House District
Senator John Millner (R): 28th Senate District
Corinne Pierog (D): Candidate, 28th Senate District)
Representative Patti Bellock (R): 47th House District
Mr. James Speta (D): Candidate, 47th House District
Mr. Bob Mueller (G): Candidate, 47th Senate District
Representative Sandra Pihos (R): 42nd House District
Kathryn Vlahos (D): Candidate, 42nd House District

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