Endorsed by the Tribune — Early Voting Just Days Away!‏

From the office of Commissioner Tony Peraica…

Today, I was humbled to receive the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune for re-election to the 16th District Commissioner seat. Calling me a “warrior for taxpayers” who is “relentless in questioning business as usual”, the Chicago Tribune writes:

The Tribune endorses Peraica because he’s been a reliable thorn to Democratic officials who think citizens exist primarily to pay taxes.

How fitting, then, that this endorsement comes on the same day I am introducing two taxpayer-protection initiatives to the Cook County Board.

Taxpayer Protection Measures Introduced Today

The first measure is simple, yet important: to fully repeal the remainder of the 2008 Stroger sales tax hike.

The second measure would make it tougher for the Cook County Board to raise taxes by requiring a three-fifths “supermajority” vote in order to enact any future taxes or tax increases.

In this time of economic uncertainty, with high unemployment and record foreclosures, the Cook County taxpayers need relief. The measures introduced today would not only provide relief from the oppressive Stroger tax hike, they would also make it harder for the politicians to enact future tax increases to pay for the bloated, patronage-laden mess that is the Cook County government.

The time is now to empower individual taxpayers and businesses, instead of empowering bigger, more bloated county government. I call on my fellow commissioners to support these common sense measures, and I ask the taxpayers to contact their commissioners to urge them to do the right thing.

Early Voting Starts Monday!

Did you know that early voting starts this Monday, October 11? That’s right — you can avoid long lines and vote at your convience by voting early at a number of locations throughout Cook County from October 11—28.

Please click here to learn more and see a full list of early voting locations.

Whether you vote early, or on November 2, I would be honored to have your vote to serve another four years on the Cook County Board.

As the Chicago Tribune writes today, I have always strived to be a “warrior” for you, the taxpayers. Sometimes protecting your hard-earned money requires the right vote during a board meeting — sometimes it requires me using the power of the media to shine a spotlight on the abuses in county government.

I ask for your vote, and I also urge you to vote for reform-minded candidates up-and-down the ballot so we can put Cook County and the state of Illinois back on the right track.


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