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from the Illinois Policy Institute…

Earlier this year, the Illinois Policy Institute released our inaugural Legislators’ Guide to the Issues.

As we update the guide for 2011, we want to incorporate the voices of citizens all across the state of Illinois on how policy has changed their lives for better or worse. Over the next month, we will be soliciting your views on 3 featured topics each week. Here are the first 3 topics.

1. Tourism: Do you think that the state government spending money on items like Lois Lane statues and the Chicago fashion scene is a good investment of taxpayer funds? Why or why not?

2. Government Transparency: Why do we need it? Do you want more transparency in government, why?

3. Eminent Domain: Do you think Illinois needs a tighter legal definition of what justifies government’s use of eminent domain? What are your thoughts/opinions on the saying, “A man’s home is his castle?”

Email me at to share your story, and you could be included in the Illinois Policy Institute’s 2011 Legislators’ Guide to the Issues.

Does Your Legislator Support Free Markets?

In an attempt to shed more light on state policy, the Illinois Policy Institute has put together its first annual Legislative Vote Card on issues affecting fiscal, transparency, regulatory, and education policy. Click here to see how your legislator voted in 2010 here.

Lame Duck Tax Hike? Help Stop It!

“We’re going to pass a tax increase in January. We expect it is going to be substantial.” -David Vaught, Illinois Budget Director Reported in Bloomberg News, July 28, 2010

We can put this scam to bed now. Stand with us for honest, accountable government that says “no” to a tax increase. Download the Illinois Honest Taxation pledge and ask your legislators to sign it!

Mail completed pledges to my attention at the address below:

Brian Costin
Director of Outreach
190 South LaSalle Street, Suite 1630
Chicago, IL 60603

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