Does Criticism of Homosexuality Prove Hate?

-By Don Boys, Ph.D.

I am weary of Christians and Conservatives who are so politically correct that they permit their critics to get away with accusing them of being haters because of their opposition to homosexuality. Only non-thinking fanatics make such obviously untrue, unfair, and unscriptural assertions. After all, critics of perversion have history, the Bible, and most national cultures in their support.

A question should be asked of our critics: Are they actually asserting that someone cannot be critical of any issue simply because of problems with the issue itself, rather than problems with the people who espouse that issue? Or, is that simply a way to not answer us? Is it not possible to be critical of Obama’s radical, socialist agenda without being a racist? Can I not disagree with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King, etc., without hating Blacks? So is it not possible, just possible, that I am convinced that homosexuality (perversion, degeneracy, sodomy, etc.) is not commendable for many reasons other than “hating someone who loves a little differently” than the mainstream? After all, I am at least as sincere as my critics so should not tolerance be extended to me? Surely if tolerance is offered to people who climb into bed with the same gender then tolerance should be extended to sincere Christians.

Recently I replied to a homosexual who prefers to be called “gay” and I would also prefer that if I were a pervert but the word gay has been twisted to mean what it does not mean. He characterized my facts as “poison” and said that it almost caused him to vomit. He called my objections to his lifestyle “sick, disturbing, pathological stuff,” like seeing “photographs from Auschwitz.” He claimed that he became physically ill.

Those Lads in Lavender are very sensitive and often present themselves as paragons of virtue. We are told that homosexuality is not evil or an abomination as the Bible teaches but a noble lifestyle reminiscent of the “Golden Age of Greece.” In that “Golden Age,” about half of the population were slaves, women were chattel, and leaders ascertained the future by the entrails of a chicken. Golden Age indeed.

He informed me “Homosexuality is a beautiful, joyous thing. Something that today’s young people celebrate and take pride in.” He encouraged me to get psychological and spiritual help. Now, read the following facts as to homosexual practices and you decide who needs the help. This information along with through documentation can be found in my book, AIDS: Silent Killer!

Research journals and classic studies have indicated:

*Anal intercourse between two men has been the most common activity of homosexual men. All honest, informed people know that it was also the driving force of the AIDS plague.

*Oral sex is another common practice of homosexuals and we now know that it is a dangerous practice.

*About 40% of homosexuals admitted to participating in fisting which is the insertion of the hand and arm into the rectum of a “lover” after greasing the hand with shortening, etc.

*About 20% of homosexuals admitted they participated in “golden showers” or “water sports” where they urinated on a partner.

*25% admitted to sadomasochism or torture. Often one man chains or ties his partner and then whips him in a sexual frenzy. The Sacramento Bee reported that a workshop was offered to San Francisco homosexuals teaching how to be involved in sex-torture without killing each other.

*90% admitted to illegal drug use. They sniffed amyl nitrite which allegedly prolongs sexual ability and excitement. Therefore, they are felons.

*17% admitted to eating and/or rubbing themselves with the feces of partners! Moreover, they are also dumb.

*Hospitals, especially in large cities, reported that it is common to remove bottles, flashlights, carrots, light bulbs and other objects from the rectums of men. So they are super dumb.

Hey, don’t look at me like that. I only report the perversion; I don’t explain it. Such practices are dumb, dirty, and dangerous, even deadly and go on nightly often between complete strangers. Note “strangers” comes from the word, “strange.”

About 46% of homosexuals have had sex with minors even though it is illegal in all 50 states even if the youngster is a willing participant. Classic studies have revealed that homosexuals always prefer young boys to older men and about half the practicing homosexuals were seduced into perversion before they were 14.

It is my position that homosexuality is not a sickness or a quirk of the genes but an evil abomination as taught in the Bible. While many things contribute to homosexuality, it always results from a choice made by individuals. Frankly, homosexuals don’t really exist; only heterosexuals who choose a perverted lifestyle (deathstyle)!

Fundamental and evangelical churches teach that homosexuals are sinners as are all mankind and are in need of a Savior. We believe that they must, like everyone else, recognize their sin, repent of sin and receive the Savior. When they experience the New Birth, there will be a transformation in their lives and they can break the bonds of their sins.

Toleration of sexual perversion is the first stage of national decadence. The U.S. has already skipped into Sodom; now we are galloping into Gomorrah. Is judgment shortly coming to this nation?
Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, author of 13 books, frequent guest on television and radio talk shows, and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years His most recent book is ISLAM: America’s Trojan Horse! His websites are and

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