Brady for Illinois: Let’s Get to Work!‏

From the Brady for Illinois Governor campaign…

With less than 50 days left until Election Day, Brady for Illinois is reaching every single Republican, Independent, and Democratic voter in Illinois with one message – we won’t solve our fiscal crisis or create more jobs under the big government, tax and spend policies of Governor Pat Quinn.

Bill Brady will stand up against the political insiders to fight job killing tax hikes, and will put Illinois back to work.

Because of your hard work, that message is resonating all across Illinois, as a new independent poll today showed Bill earning his “highest level of support yet against Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn in Illinois’ gubernatorial contest, moving this race from a Toss-Up to Solid GOP…”

Also today, Bill proudly received the endorsement of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who said “Bill understands common sense principles of government — you don’t spend more than you have and you keep taxes down.”

In Rockford, family businessman and Bill’s running mate for Lieutenant Governor Jason Plummer today announced the formation of our campaign’s “Border Community Task Force.” Led by Jason, the Task Force will explore the economic disadvantages facing our border communities, and make recommendations for making them more competitive against neighboring states and for creating more jobs.

Meanwhile, Pat Quinn’s campaign continues its collapse after public statements by Chicago Mayor Daley and Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan citing their opposition to his signature campaign issue – raising taxes.

On Friday, Mayor Daley said, “increasing taxes was not the solution. ‘If anybody believes they can increase taxes today, I think they’re out of their mind.’”

And just this weekend, the Associated Press said Pat Quinn has been “embarrassed by a botched early release program for prison inmates. He gave raises to many of his aides while Illinois is awash in debt. He fired the government ethics inspector on the same day he learned the watchdog had criticized his chief of staff… The very public failure of his signature policy issue – trying to raise the state income tax to help rescue the state’s finances – hasn’t helped build confidence.

Brady for Illinois is hard at work, and we need your help now more than ever. Remember to tell your friends about, and follow our campaign on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates!

Stay tuned for more news from the campaign trail!

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