Five Reasons to attend Right Nation 2010

-By Fran Eaton

There are many reasons why concerned voters should attend Right Nation 2010 at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates September 18th, but here’s five:

1. It will take conservatives, Tea Party independents and Republicans to work together like never before to break free of the suffocating Democratic Party machine in Illinois on November 2.

2. It will take unprecedented energy, support and unity among those diverse factions to take advantage of this historical opportunity to turn our state and nation in the right direction.

3. It will take unparalleled grassroots campaign volunteers to work hand-in-hand with those who can provide financial resources to fund expensive Chicago media advertising as well as purchase necessary collateral campaign materials.

4. It will take a huge crowd at the Sears Centre Arena to visually convey to the Chicago media just how serious voters are about correcting the direction of our country and state.

5. It will take us all to set aside the time, energy and money to make a sincere, powerful, joint statement to the nation about our concern for the Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Quinn/Madigan/Cullerton administration’s disastrous economic and social policies.

Listening to Glenn Back on September 18 will be just the beginning of fixing the mess we find ourselves in. The rest will be up to us. We must commit to a joint effort to “Right” our “Nation” in 2010.

Buy your tickets today at Don’t overlook the great lineup of special guests at the evening’s convention and the afternoon activist training conference — two important opportunities merged into one.

Get your tickets today. What are you waiting for?

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