Hayes Calls for Strength and not Weakness on War on Terror

From the Hayes for Congress campaign (2nd District)…

CHICAGO: Republican nominee for Illinois 2nd Congressional District Isaac Hayes released the following statement in response to President Obama’s Oval Office Speech announcing an end to combat operations in Iraq.

“Jesse Jackson Jr. supports a cut-and-run strategy in our War on Terror. He has voted multiple times against funding our troops, including under President Obama. He has also voted in favor of requiring a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan, discouraging our troops and encouraging our foes to mark their calendars.

“This type of weakness puts our troops in harm’s way as they valiantly continue the fight against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. I am appalled at how soon Mr. Jackson has forgotten that the September 11, 2001 attacks were planned in Afghanistan. I am equally appalled that he would use the safety of our troops for political posturing. As President Obama stated yesterday in his address to the nation, we may disagree on strategy but we can still support the troops.

“I want to thank President Bush for his resolve and commitment to our national security. Had he not displayed courage, combat operations in Iraq may not have ended. He understood that national security is the primary responsibility of the federal government and history will prove him brave.

“On the other hand, Mr. Jackson has a history of showing weakness when it comes to the safety and security of the American commonwealth. He cosponsored a bill opposing the 2007 Iraq troop surge, but President Obama announcing the end to combat operations in Iraq proves he was wrong.

“In a post-9/11 world, America must display strength and not spinelessness, courage and not cowardice, resolve to complete the job and not cut-and-run.

“As Representative of Illinois Second District I will stand with our troops, their families, and our allies. I will support President Obama’s supplemental requests to ensure that our troops have the equipment they need to fight the terrorists. And I will not cut-and-run from finishing the jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

This statement appears on the Citizens for Isaac Hayes website at: http://isaac4honesty.com/news.asp?artid=103

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