Additional Popular Conservatives and Republicans Join Right Nation 2010

Update on Right Nation 2010

Right Nation 2010, the largest political event in the Midwest, has announced a number of additions to its participant lineup.

  • Tim Phillips – President of Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Prosperity Foundation
  • Pete Hoekstra – US Congress, 2nd Congressional District of Michigan
  • Phil Kerpen – Vice President for Policy for Americans for Prosperity, Fox News contributor and Chairman of the Internet Freedom Coalition
  • Dana Loesch – Host of The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative on KFTK 97.1 FM out of St Louis
  • Jim Hoft – Proprietor of Gateway Pundit, one of the top American political blogs
  • Teri Christoph – Co-founder and Vice President of Smart Girl Politics, host of Smart Girl Nation and Behind the Ballot podcasts
  • Sandy Rios – President of Culture Campaign, former President of Concerned Women for America
  • Teri O’Brien – Conservative radio talk show host

These participants join a growing and impressive lineup of national speakers, including conservative icon Glenn Beck, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, economic experts Stephen Moore and John Fund, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, Congressman Aaron Schock, and Tea Party leader Herman Cain. Also featured are candidates and elected officials from throughout the Midwest.

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About Right Nation 2010: Right Nation 2010 is a joint venture of Republican, conservative, libertarian, free market, and Tea Party independent organizations and individuals, facilitated by the 75 year-old United Republican Fund.

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