Hayes Steps Out to Demand Better Leadership for the Black Community

From the Hayes for Congress campaign (2nd District)…

CHICAGO, IL- For the black community it is all a one party rule. A regime consisting of all Democrats has led to a culture of corruption that leaves citizens in gang infested, poverty stricken areas, while the Representatives cheat on their taxes, bailout their husbands’ banks and try to bribe their way to higher office.

Hayes remarked, “The black community has been used by its elected officials as a playground for pay-to-play politics. Rangel, Waters, and Jackson all need to be shown the door in November.”

Mr. Jackson would have also been under investigation by the ethics committee but the federal government asked them to delay their probe until after the Rod Blagojevich trial. Based upon testimony and wire tape recordings from the trial, Jackson is sure to be the next Washington entrenched politician to have to answer to the Ethics Committee. The black community needs a clean break from politics as usual. We need honest government.

Isaac Hayes is the Republican Nominee challenging Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in the Illinois 2nd Congressional District. Hayes is campaigning on bringing jobs into the community, assisting small business creation, bringing in parental school choice, making the neighborhoods safer, and giving the citizens honest government.


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