Could Phil Hare (D, 17th) Be In Trouble?

-By Warner Todd Huston

We’ve reported here the many times that Phil “I Don’t Care About the Constitution” Hare, the incumbent Democrat in the 17th District, is one of those Democrats who values his own opinion and no one’s else… especially his constituent’s. We’ve also seen some polling that seems to indicate that he is running behind in his re-election bid. Well, we have more of the latter on that count today.

Public Opinion Strategies has released another poll showing the Hare-raising (or is that Hare-lowering) possibility that Phil Hare might lose to Republican Bobby Schilling.

Here is what the Schilling campaign has released:

Bobby Schilling (R)
42% Name ID
17% Favorable
4% Unfavorable

Phil Hare (D)
78% Name ID
33% Favorable
21% Unfavorable

Hare Re-Elect
25% Total Re-Elect
46% Total New Person
26% Depends

Congressional Ballot
31% Total Schilling
33% Total Hare
7% Total Roger Davis (Green Party)
30% Undecided

As Schilling’s campaign says, “When only 25 percent say they definitely want to reelect you . . . well, this Hare might be cooked.”

Still, with 30% undecided, Hare is not out of luck just yet. However, the rule of thumb is that if you are not 50% favorable as an incumbent you are in deep trouble.

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