The National Precinct Alliance — Conservatives Need to Get Involved

A while ago I was alerted to a group called the National Precinct Alliance and as we get closer to the election we should all make ourselves more familiar with the efforts they are making to assure that conservatives across the country get involved in our system. We got rid of one RINO in Utah when the tea party movement played a part in denying Senator Bob Bennett another term in Washington. We need to push our message throughout the country and the National Precinct Alliance is one way to do that.

As you know I have been GUERRILLA MARKETING AND RECRUITING for 10 weeks for the precinct delegate positions. This is a reminder message for everyone that is going to be engaged in the precinct position to help put our country back on its Constitutional Foundation.

APPLY for the precinct delegate position at your county board of elections.

JOIN the NATIONAL PRECINCT ALLIANCE ORGANIZATION and become a member at… This Internet site is going to be our main way of communication between our members across our county and all over our country.

DONATE money… I am sending a separate email from the leaders of this movement regarding utmost importance of the money issue. No money will be used for other purposes until we have our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and our new web site established. Our new web site is needed quickly to make this whole precinct process transparent and so we can communicate with our members in our area and around the country.

Our organization is the MOST important because we are focused ONLY on placing individual Americans in the Most POWERFUL Office in the Land…the precinct position!

The war from within in our country is occurring on four fronts:

  • the DC cabal and czars that have totally hijacked our federal government;
  • the ‘peaceful’ Islam bunch that cannot wait to blow up a car or an airplane on our soil to murder our citizens;
  • the illegal aliens that are demanding that we owe them our country;
  • the heads of both parties that are against WE THE PEOPLE such that they do not want Americans to learn about this MOST POWERFUL grassroots local precinct position.

Although there is a war on many fronts, we must keep our focus on the only nonviolent solution… The Precinct Chair! This IS the only way to regain control and it must be done with unity focused on our Constitution… not divisive issues.

Yes, I know events in our country have gotten very ugly, but if we do not get involved in a BIG way, this nation will be lost forever. It is a matter of life or death of a nation and our way of life… We either make this a way of life or lose our Republic.

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