Chicago TV Reporter Clueless On Gun Buyback Program

-By Warner Todd Huston

Some of my colleagues on the web are saying that Fox News Chicago reporter Tera Williams “revealed her bias” about the relative efficacy of Chicago’s absurd gun buyback program.

In yet another TV report on this meaningless program, reporter Williams was interviewing a Chicago resident on his thoughts about the whole thing. The resident told her, “it’s a good way to start,” to which Williams said “Something’s better than nothing, right?”

Well, no it’s not, Ms Williams. This program has been a complete failure for making a dent in the violence and shootings in the City of Chicago. While other great cities of the nation have seen falling murder rates over the last decade, Chicago has seen its rate rise. Even as this waste of money and time of a program was started in 2006, the murder rate has not been positively affected by the program. In fact, this year the city has already experienced over 100 shooting deaths and we aren’t even at the half way point in the year yet.

But, I am not going to say that Williams’ empty-headed statement is proof of her bias in favor of the program. I’d say it is more like her utter cluelessness of how ineffective it has been.

Like many people, Williams confuses “doing something” with effectiveness. This program is a joke and a waste of time and money. But it is movement, nonetheless. It looks like the city is “doing something” to stop the violence. So, like many uninformed people, Williams just assumes that this is better than nothing. In truth, though, the waste of city resources and money is worse than “better than nothing.”

In fact, even beyond the foolishness that is this program, it is really just a cynical ploy by Chicago’s anti-Constitution Mayor Richard “King” Daley to further his own gun-grabbing ideas. He knows this program is worthless and a giant waste of the taxpayer’s money but he pushes this program to keep his plans to take away everyone’s Constitutional rights at the forefront of the news. Daley knows this program is a farce, but if it helps him push his anti-American agenda, then he’s all for that.

Chicago’s gun buyback program is an utter failure and sadly this news babe ignored the real story to titter about how “something is better than nothing.” It isn’t “better than nothing” because it is nothing. In the end what we have isn’t Old Media bias as much as it is failure to report any REAL news and cluelessness about what is really going on.
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