Tell the Insiders Not to Play Politics With Your Property Taxes: Text REFORM to 77007

From Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica…

This week the focus is on federal Tax Day — the deadline for us all to file our federal income taxes.

And, yes, while federal taxes are burdensome and growing, we must not forget about the tax shenanigans going on right here in Cook County.

The insiders fought my efforts to roll back Todd Stroger’s record sales tax increase — but we won.

Now, they are trying to play politics with your property tax bills by delaying their distribution until after Election Day.

Text REFORM to 77007 on your mobile phone to tell these insiders not to play politics with your property taxes.

In short — they are terrified of a Cook County tax revolt on Election Day.
We’re making it easy for you to send a message: text REFORM to 77007 on your mobile phone.

By sending that text, we’ll reply right away with a text to patch you through to the Cook County Board of Review to demand that they stop playing politics with your property tax bills.

When you call:

  • Be respectful and stick to the facts.
  • Tell them you are a concerned taxpayer who wants to ensure that property tax bills are sent out on time — before November Election Day.
  • Thank them for listening to your concerns.

Your grassroots action helped us roll back Todd Stroger’s tax increase.
Let’s use that same enthusiasm to ensure that the insiders don’t abuse the property tax system here in Cook County.

Thank you for continued support in the fight for honest reform. I am proud to continue working for you as Cook County Commissioner.

Tony Peraica

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