Obama Set to Create More Joe Stacks

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Republican members of the House Ways and Means committee today alerted the country to the appalling fact that Obama and his Democrat cohorts will be creating 17,000 new IRS agents with the President’s signing of Obamacare.

With animosity against the Internal Revenue Service growing, it seems clear that Obama is creating more Joe Stack IRS plane attackers with this move. Stack’s main reason for slamming his small plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas was because of what he saw as the evils of the IRS and with Obamacare creating a giant new army of intrusive and unaccountable IRS agents, Stack’s evil act is sure to be repeated in the future.

Along with the destruction of America’s healthcare system, Obama will be wasting $10 billion tax dollars to pay for this phalanx of new IRS agents. And that doesn’t include the undue, over generous benefits and pensions that all these new government drones will be given as they age and retire.

Its already an appalling fact that working for government is more lucrative than working for the private sector and now with the socialist takeover of our healthcare system and the creation out of whole cloth of 17,000 new IRS thugs, we are seeing a wholesale upending of the United States of America turning her into a European-styled Socialist nation.

Not only is Obama monumentally growing the size of government with this socialist legislation, he is materially altering the relationship that citizen has to government and tearing down this nation. We will no longer be the United States of America, we will be the Euro States of America.
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