2nd District Hayes: Jr. ‘Joyriding’ at the Tax Payers Expense

From the Hayes for Congress (2nd District) campaign…

CHICAGO: The following statement was released today by Rev. Isaac C. Hayes, the GOP nominee for Congress in IL-2 in response to Rep. Jackson Jr.’s excessive automobile expenses.

“This amounts to nothing more than a never ending display of arrogance,” said Rev. Hayes, “a thumbing up of his nose to his constituents.” According to him, Rep. Jackson is taking “joyrides” while the rest of the country continues to “lose their jobs and homes.”

Recent reports, disclose Rep. Jackson Jr. (D-Ill) spent $1,259.00 per month last quarter for a hybrid Toyota Highlander. Some lawmakers spent far less on leases. Indiana Rep Joe Donnelly, Democrat, spends $450 each month and Rep David Drier (R-Calif.) spends $366 a month.

Congress receives an office expense account from which they can lease a vehicle for official business. But Rev. Hayes suggests Jackson is using this account as a “slush fund that he is confusing for a money tree.”

Rev. Hayes believes Jackson is out of touch and does not understand what it means to manage a budget “like the rest of America who lives paycheck to paycheck.” Striking a populist tone he goes on to say, “My opponent wants to raise our taxes to furnish his fat cat lifestyle on the backs of hardworking Americans who are struggling to buy gas and groceries.”

For more information on Rev. Hayes, please go to: www.isaac4honesty.com

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