Using the System FOR Us: The Freedom Force Strategy

The National Precinct Alliance is an effort to give tea party folks the guidance to make a difference at home, within their own local political system. This is the only way that we conservatives can influence what is happening in our state government and what is happening in Washington. All our tea party protests are great, but if they aren’t followed up with real political activism — as opposed to mere bombast and carping — we will find that politics will move on without incorporating our ideas, we will stay marginal in the actual power plays in our governments.

So, with that said, here is some info from the National Precinct Alliance:

The Freedom Force Strategy

The American people find themselves in the very difficult position of having to reform their government from the bottom up, after decades of public neglect which allowed politicians from both political parties to behave as though the U.S. Constitution doesn’t exist any longer.

State legislatures have been forced by over-reaching federal policies, to restate, reclaim and reassert Tenth Amendment rights just to defend the citizens of their states from oppressive policies coming out of Washington DC.

These recent events have caused a great awakening in the American populace, which has manifest in numerous patriotic activist organizations like the many Tea Party, 912, Town Hall and We the People movements across the country. We refer to these combined common efforts as “the patriot movement” which is much bigger and broader than any individual faction of the movement.

Early efforts to protest and petition elected servants of the people have fallen on deaf ears… and

American patriots determined to protect and preserve freedom, liberty and prosperity for future generations, find it necessary to take specific tangible actions via constitutional processes, in an organized strategy to reclaim control of their nation.

In this mission, if we fail to plan, or to organize with tangible strategies, then we have planned to fail and the price of failure is unacceptable.

Operations like the Tea Party, Town Hall and 912 movements have done a great job of waking folks up, getting them engaged in protesting their runaway government, identifying the very real assault on American freedom, liberty and prosperity. But now, patriots have figured out that these activities fall short of the mark of affecting change.

Despite popular rhetoric about a “leaderless movement” and “no need for unified efforts” that work in concert with each other in an organized fashion, real and tangible solutions to very real threats to Americas future require planning, strategizing and organizing between the more than 2000 patriot groups in the country today.

A very well organized assault on our country cannot be defeated by a disorganized and fractured resistance.

Freedom Force has been formed to address certain specific challenges facing the patriot movement and the need to work together to reclaim control of the United States of America.

Freedom Force is a non-profit, non-partisan educational foundation focused only upon helping the patriot movement unify in tangible strategies designed to return control of the runaway government to the American patriots. Freedom Force has NO ties or loyalties to any political party, or special interest group.

Freedom Force goals are based solely upon the Charters of Freedom, and our strategies are based solely upon peaceful and constitutionally grounded uses of the existing system of self-governance, aimed at returning the American people to their leadership roles as prescribed by our founding documents.

Our Stated Challenges

  • A runaway federal government acting at odds with both states and individual rights, and beyond the enumerated powers afforded the federal government via the US Constitution
  • Fiscally irresponsible elected officials who have driven the most prosperous nation ever known to mankind, to the brink of bankruptcy
  • A federal government which has adopted a “top down” view of power, at odds with our principles of self-governance of, by and for the people and their individual right to live free
  • Returning the US Constitution to its rightful place as the supreme law of this land
  • Re-educating the American populace which has been carefully misinformed for decades, via the failing state run education system, the internationally controlled US press and the entertainment industry
  • Protecting 1st, 2nd and 10th Amendment rights, along with all “unalienable” rights
  • Unifying the patriot movement employing organized tangible strategies without offending anyone’s ego
  • Dealing with profiteers in the movement who are exploiting the grass-roots volunteers
  • Directing patriots towards real solutions and away from all “mock” solutions that waste time, energy and resources needed to restore our country to greatness
  • Address the use of PACs (Political Action Committees) to redirect patriot funds into partisan interests often at odds with the patriot movement

Our Strategy

Our strategy is not to “control” anyone. We have no interest in interrupting the productive efforts found in many of the local or regional patriot groups. Our strategy is simply to develop tangible action oriented and results driven initiatives that can make a real difference, rather than just “send a message.”

To accomplish this, Freedom Force has “strategically partnered” with several significant patriot groups already operating on the ground, with track records of success in their initiative-specific operations of expertise.

Four ways to be part of Freedom Force

  • A Strategic Partner – is a patriot organization which is focused upon and directly engaged in a specific tangible initiative vital to the overall Freedom Force strategy for reclaiming America through peaceful and constitutionally grounded activism.
  • A Strategic Alliance – is a patriot organization that participates and promotes the strategic initiatives within Freedom Force and its partners, in addition to its own internal organizational initiatives.
  • A Member – is an individual who believes in, participates in and supports the Freedom Force strategies and initiatives by engaging with Freedom Force and its strategic partners and allies.
  • An Advisor – is an individual with special expertise in a particular area of interest to Freedom Force and our partners and allies.

Our Strategic partners

  • National Precinct Alliance was formed in early December 2009 with the single purpose of filling vacant precinct seats in both political parties and NPA has already become the national leader in that initiative, moving more than 30,000 patriots into precincts across the country. Tax Day Tea Party was the first to send their 60,000 members to work the NPA precinct executive strategy, and recently, Tea Party Express sent their 350,000 member base to join in that effort. Patriots seeking precinct power should join immediately and get engaged.
  • Icaucus is leading the nation in the arena of in-depth candidate vetting, so that we are no longer dependent upon campaign rhetoric alone in choosing those who wish to lead our nation from elective office. Candidate vetting information developed by icaucus will be fed through the Freedom Force network, where Freedom Force members and partner organizations can use the best available information to move constitutionally conscious candidates into power from the ground up. Patriots seeking to engage in the effort to vet candidates should join that effort at immediately.
  • The Voices of America ( is a national effort focused on teaching Precinct Organizing best practices to help grow patriot organization membership, to help these organizations gain greater political clout, and to impact 2010 elections by electing candidates who adhere to Constitutional principles of limited government, free markets, and individual freedoms. This Precinct Organizing methodology was successfully used by Democrats in 2008 to gain control of the House, Senate, and Presidency with only 20% of the population being Liberal. Just think what can be accomplished by engaging and mobilizing the 76% of voters who consider themselves Conservatives or Moderates and who have decided to be the “Silent Majority” no more!
  • Freedom Force has many new strategic allies coming on board, which we are not yet ready to publicly announce.

    But the rumors of division and an inability to unify in common purpose is false. We are being very successful in building strategic alliances with numerous patriot organizations behind the scenes, which is where such an effort is much easier to accomplish. When we do release a list of strategic allies in the near future, folks who thought it couldn’t be done will be shocked and those who do not appear on that list will hope to appear on that list soon after.

    We have three strict rules about alliances with other organizations…

    1. NO profiteering on the volunteer works of patriotic citizens
    2. NO direct or indirect affiliation or financial interest in partisan or special interest organizations
    3. NO wasted energy, time or resources on non-tangible or “mock” initiatives

    We will not knowingly align with any organization involved in any of the three counter-productive activities. End of story… So if an organization does not appear on our list of allies, there is a good chance that they are engaged in one or more of these activities.

    Internal Initiatives

    Freedom Force also has a few key internal initiatives which are already operating below public radar. For strategic reasons, we do not discuss these initiatives openly at this time. These particular initiatives are of a sensitive nature. Information on these actions are “close hold” and available only on a “need to know” basis at present. We can only hope that our members and allies understand the need for a certain level of security.

    Unifying the Right in Tangible Action

    Unlike the left, which functions on group think and group actions, the right is made up of free-thinking independent minded individuals not accustomed to “community organizing” concepts. The right is made up of self-sufficient individuals accustomed to meeting life’s challenges on their own.

    As a result, there is no shortage of ideas or leaders on the right. That’s why we have 2000 leaders leading in a hundred different directions at the moment, each equally certain that they have the right plan and can accomplish the goal all alone, as they have done all of their lives.

    But this challenge is different from anything they have ever faced before.

    • The leftist movement is massive, international.
    • It is VERY well organized, around the globe and in America.
    • It is VERY well funded.
    • They play by no set of rules, other than the Rules for Radicals.
    • They plan on taking no prisoners and are happy to destroy every American in their quest for a New World Order.
    • And they are years ahead of the opposition, already in full control of the White House, congress, the judicial system, the press and academia.

    In short, they control everything today. So, mounting a successful counter-movement is made much more difficult by the fact that the right currently controls none of the tools needed to stop the left from steamrolling forward.

    The Money Thing – Money is Power

    It doesn’t matter whether or not we like it. Reality is inescapable and one reality is, in politics, money is power. Every political strategy requires funding at some level and usually, the best funded ideas move forward.

    To date, Freedom Force has thousands of members across the country who have “pledged” financial support for the operation and to say that we are very grateful for that support would be an understatement.

    As of today, we have not yet asked anyone to send in a single penny to fund the many activities already underway. ALL of it has been done with internal “out of pocket” funding by the founding members of Freedom Force, and the volunteer efforts of many great patriots.

    For the first time in my life, I am actually receiving mail from people upset by the fact that we have not yet asked them to send their money in. What a great position to be in, with so many wonderful patriots anxious to do their part! Many have even written to up their pledges because the web site won’t let you change your initial pledge amount. – Thank you all!

    We have not asked you to send money yet for two very good reasons…

    1. Our initial estimates are changing as we have begun to build a network of patriots willing to use their own talents and resources to make a difference for their country. We do not want to ask for more than we really need, or ask any sooner than we actually need the funds.

    2. As we have been able to fill in vital parts of our strategy through strategic partnerships, those operations are able to raise funds directly and we recommend that Freedom Force members support those operations directly so that Freedom Force funds can be dedicated to internal initiatives managed by Freedom Force directly, reducing the need for funds.

    But fear not… We will ask for the pledges to be acted upon very soon, as those funds become necessary and as we are able to disclose more information about all of the Freedom Force objectives and initiatives. Thank you for your patience and continued support!

    At this time, we ask that you help spread the word by sharing the Freedom Force story with as many fellow patriots as possible, encouraging them to become a member of Freedom Force, pledge support for our objectives and strategies, and engage with our partners and allies immediately.

    We do not have to wait on funding to be productive in the patriot effort immediately. Get in the game wherever you best fit, but get in the game.

    Our country’s future depends upon what each of us is willing to do in the effort to restore America to that shining city on the hill, and the beacon of freedom and liberty all around the globe.

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