Put Back Amendment: Fight Back against Michael Madigan’s Iron-Grip of the Legislature!‏

Now that the primary election is over, we turn our sights towards the Democrats and ending their destructive reign over the State of Illinois. Of these, none is more dangerous and powerful than House Speaker Michael Madigan. As we all know, he wields complete control over the Illinois General Assembly. Whatever law he does not want considered is dead on arrival. All important legislation he does in a back room free from scrutiny. This needs to end.

That is why the Put-Back Amendment was conceived. Despite the fact that over 99% of Illinois citizens do not, nor cannot vote for Mike Madigan, he is in complete control. We send 177 legislators to Springfield for a reason, so each corner of this state can be represented. It is time to end his iron-gripcontrol.

The Put-Back Amendment enacts term-limits of 8 years for Legislators so lifetime Chicago politicians cannot wield power for decades. It ends gerrymandering so Madigan can no longer have complete control over legislative maps. It requires all legislation be public for 7-day before a final vote and that 25 legislators can force a vote on any bill, including reform legislation Mike Madigan doesn’t favor.

Imagine Republican legislators forcing spending caps, tax cuts, and transparency for a vote in Springfield. Put-Back does all of this and more.

The Put-Back Amendment has been endorsed by prominent Republicans across the state including: Jim Oberweis, Adam Andrzejewski, Dan Proft, Bobby Schilling and many more.

To get this amendment passed, we need 500,000 signatures and that is where you come in. We need people all across Illinois to collect signatures by April 1st so that we can place this on the ballot. Chicago politicians cannot stop this. If we get the signatures, this WILL be on the ballot in November. If the voters say yes, it becomes law. You can download petitions and instructions here.

Thank you,
John Bambenek

P.S. Many of you may have heard of another amendment called the Fair Map amendment. This amendment is unconstitutional and will be thrown off the ballot as soon as it is filed. Don’t be fooled, the only real reform amendment is the Put-Back Amendment.

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