Representative John Murtha Dead at 77

-By Warner Todd Huston

Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha has passed at age 77. He’d been in the hospital for several days and died from complications from gallbladder surgery.

Murtha was a Vietnam vet serving in the Marine Corps there. He resigned his commission as a Colonel from the Marine corps Reserves in 1990. He’s served in Congress since 1969.

Despite all his military service, Murtha emerged as a Congressional enemy of the armed forces. He was ill-tempered and one of the most outspoken left-wingers in Congress during the Bush years. He was also a loud anti-war voice. Murtha gave succor to our enemies by being one of the most outspoken members of Congress calling for the prosecution of our own soldiers. For this he became the favorite of some of the most virulently un-American groups in the country.

Murtha was also one of the most corrupt Congressmen in Washington with many, many ethics violations. His nick name was “the king of pork” he was such a profligate Washington spender.

Let us hope that Pennsylvania picks a better representative to fill his now empty chair because we need no more like him in D.C.

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