Remember What We’re Fighting: Alexi Giannoulias and His Mob Ties

-By Warner Todd Huston

OK, folks, Mark Kirk is now the GOP candidate for Senate in the Land of Lincoln. Now is the time to remind everyone what we are facing, why we are fighting the corruption of Democrats, now is the time to focus on what is at stake…

Alexi Giannoulias, banker to the mob, from a family as corrupt as any Daley/George Ryan/Michael Madigan ever was. THIS is what awaits us if we Republicans do not vote for Mark Kirk.

Yes, Kirk is only marginally better on the issues than Giannoulis. Yes, Kirk is a center left kinda guy. Yes, Kirk lied when he called himself a center right guy. But one thing is sure. We can expect Mark Kirk to side with Republicans at least 45% of the time.

Were we to see a Giannoulias as our Senator we’d see a straight down the line, left-winger, with all the corruption of the Capone-set supporting him.

Being mugged by reality is no fun, I agree. But hold your nose and vote Kirk, conservatives. He sucks, yes. Yes, I hate the guy and wanted someone else to represent us in the Senate race. But he is still better than Alexi the mob banker. And that is our only choice here. Vote to get half a loaf with Kirk, or don’t vote at all and end up getting nothing whatsoever.

And take this as a lesson that if we expect to put up good, solid, conservative candidates we need to coordinate and STOP splitting our vote among a deep field of candidates. Conservatives supported Arrington, Hughes, and Lowery all at once and pissed away any hope that any one of them could successfully challenge Kirk.

You have few others to blame but yourselves, conservatives. Now face the music, count it a lesson learned, and vote Kirk so that we can stop one of the most corrupt candidates we’ve seen in a long time from taking a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Alexi Giannoulias must be defeated.
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Remember What We’re Fighting: Alexi Giannoulias and His Mob Ties”

  1. Yeah, another case of holding your nose while you vote, and voting for someone because of what he is not (he’s not a Democrat) rather than what he is (he’s a conservative), i.e., the lesser of two evils. There are times the dark side of me wants to take a baseball bat to the sides of the heads of current GOP leadership…. Now to go think happy thoughts and breath into a paper bag!

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