Republican Dirk Beveridge Soars to the Top of the List

From the Dirk Beveridge for Congress campaign…

The 8th Congressional Candidate Scores a New Endorsement

(Barrington, Ill.) January 25, 2010…This weekend, 8th Congressional District Republican candidate Dirk Beveridge further differentiated himself as the leader. On Sunday, Dirk Beveridge earned the endorsement of the Daily Herald and significantly over-achieved the Republican field in fundraising as revealed in federal Election Commission financial reporting.

“In this race, our steady and positive leadership pace continues to put us miles ahead of the pack,” said Dirk Beveridge, an Ironman Triathlete, Business owner and community leader. “We are staying well above competing candidates who are mired down in mud-slinging and cat fights over integrity, fiscal irresponsibility and ‘carpetbagger’ issues. Endorsements from news media, private sector champions, and community leaders have identified me as the candidate who is the most electable against Melissa Bean and her Dem Machine; and as the most effective leader to take on an entrenched congress.”

The most recent endorsement from the Daily Herald told readers about the race in the 8th District: “Most impressive, we think, is business owner and philanthropist Dirk Beveridge of Barrington and we offer him our endorsement… A mainstream conservative, Beveridge reflects traditional Republican philosophy, as do virtually all the candidates in this primary race. But more than most, he has an ability to articulate those views persuasively with the ability to get people to work positively together to solve problems. It is important to elect representatives willing to work across the aisles to find solutions; we believe Beveridge has the temperament to do that without abdicating his values.”

With the February 2nd primary around the corner, his campaign is closing in on the $200,000 fundraising mark. More compelling is Beveridge’s long list of supporters from across his district, reflecting every-day people, small business owners and families who are contributing for the first time to a political campaign.

Dirk Beveridge, a mainstream conservative Republican candidate for the 8th Congressional District, is endorsed by the Daily Herald, The Chicago Tribune and The Pioneer Press Papers. Additional endorsements include a “Job Creators’ Coalition,” Cuba Township Republican Party, and a Schaumburg Township Republican Organization “preferred candidate.”

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