Ill. GOP Chairman Reacts to Guv’s State of State Report

-By Warner Todd Huston

Just got a reply to Governor Pat Quinn’s laughable State of the State address issued by Chairman Pat Brady of the Illinois Republican Party…

“Governor Quinn’s State of the State address today exemplifies the Illinois Democratic Party’s disconnect from reality. We are a state on the verge of financial collapse. A laundry list of government created jobs, government programs and a bail-out from the Federal Government is not a serious approach to economic and fiscal recovery. We can’t wish away a $90 billion unfunded pension liability.”

“The People of the State of Illinois will have a clear choice in November between the failed policies of the Quinn/Blagojevich/Madigan single-party rule Democrats and the fiscally responsible approach to running this state articulated by each of our Republican Gubernatorial candidates.”

Kirk Dillard, candidate for the GOP nomination for Governor also had a few comments about Quinn’s address…

“You’re right Governor, the people of Illinois are calling for reforms and an attitude of civility and respect those in the government, but what about respect for Illinois voters?” asked Dillard. “Respect for those families of victims of early release attackers? Respect for those who are out of work to do more than simply sell prison for a few hundred jobs? Respect for the office of the Governor and displaying sound ethical judgment rather than calling fundraisers at the homes of insider friends of Tony Rezko? You’re right Governor, the people of Illinois are calling for real reform and you are failing.”

“This is the same governor who first supported and then vetoed a “sham” ethics bill,” said Dillard. “This is the same governor who had to be shamed into canceling a fundraiser at the home of an associate of Tony Rezko. Now he wants to give citizens the right to pass ethical reforms by referendum because he can’t do the job himself.”

Comptroller candidate William Kelly also had a few words for Quinn’s address saying, “I want real reformers, outsiders, and activists to know that a Kelly in the Illinois comptroller’s office is your ace in the hole. Governor Pat Quinn’s State of the State speech today was very revealing. He showed he has no intention of ever reforming the state of Illinois and never did.”

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