Illinois Family Institute’s Illinois Voter Guide

NOTICE: I am seeing this post getting hit a lot today. This is an OLD post from 2010. If you want an updated, 2012 voter guide use THIS LINK.

Congressional District Breakouts of IFI’s 2010 Primary Election Voter Guide are now available for download!!

With Election Day just around the corner — February 2nd, it is imperative that voters have information available to help them make educated decisions as they cast their votes for the different candidates.

IFI has 19 different two-page local Voter Guides — one for each of Illinois’ Congressional Districts. By printing the two-page local Guide front to back on legal size paper (8.5″ x 14″), you can easily make this a one-page handout, which you can then distribute in your neighborhood and local church. These are non-partisan and completely legal under IRS guidelines for distribution in churches. Call IFI to order them in bulk for your church or neighborhood.

To download these guides, you will need Adobe Acrobat and will need to know in which of the 19 Congressional Districts you live. (Look up your Congressional District HERE or call IFI at 708-781-9328.) Your Congressman will be listed under “Your Federal Elected Officials” as Representative. The Congressional District number will be found after his/her name. Then simply come back to this page and click on your Congressional District below to access your customized one-page Voter Guide.

The full version of the IFI 2010 Primary Election Voter Guide is available for download HERE (.pdf file).

Or go to the IFI website to download your district’s guide.

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Illinois Family Institute’s Illinois Voter Guide”

  1. Where can I find a Christian Voters Guide for Cook County? We need one for my church for the November Election 2010.

    Maria Slattery

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