38 Days Until the Primary In Illinois — A Web Resource

-By Warner Todd Huston

Just a reminder, folks. Since Illinois moved its primary up… waaaaay up … we are only 38 days away from primary voting which begins on Feb. 2!

That’s right, folks, 38 days to make up your mind about for which candidate you’ll vote for the GOP nomination for every office up for grabs in 2010.

So, once again, here are the websites of the state-wide offices and the local offices up for election in this mid term season.

U.S. Senate

John Arrington – arringtonforsenate.com
Patrick Hughes – patrickhughesforsenate.com
Mark Kirk – kirkforsenate.com
Tom Kuna – w-e-r-co.com
Don Lowery – judgelowery4ussenate.com
Andy Martin – andyforussenator.com
Kathleen Thomas – kathleenthomasforsenate.org
Ed Varga – e-varga.com
Eric Wallace – wallaceforillinois.com
Robert Zadek – robertzadek.com


Adam Andrzejewski – adamforillinois.com
Bill Brady – bradyforillinois.com
Kirk Dillard – dillardforgovernor.com
Andy McKenna – mckennagov.com
Dan Proft – proft2010.com
Jim Ryan – www.jimryan2010.com
Bob Schillerstrom – bobschillerstrom.com

Lieutenant Governor

Brad Cole – teambrad.com
Dennis Cook – citizensforcook.com
Deb Leticia Gordils – debforillinois.com
Matt Murphy – murphy2010.com
Jason Plummer – jasonplummer.com
Don Tracy – tracyforillinois.com
Randy White – randy4ltgov.com

Attorney General

Steve Kim – stevekimforag.com

Secretary of State

Robert Enriquez – enriquez2010.us


Jim Dodge – jimdodge2010.com
William Kelly – friendsofwilliamjkelly.com
Judy Baar Topinka – udybarrtopinka.com


Dan Rutherford – danrutherford.org

Local Cook County Races

Cook County Board President

John Garrido – Policeman and lawyer ( garrido2010.com/)
Roger Keats – Securities Industry (www.keatsforcook.com/)

2nd Congressional District

Isaac Hayes www.isaachayesforcongress.com

3rd Congressional District

Michael A. Bendas www.bendasforcongress.com

5th Congressional District

Ashvin Lad www.ashvinforcongress.com
Rosanna Pulido www.rosannapulido2010.com
David Ratowitz www.ratowitzforcongress.com

8th Congressional District

Dirk Beveridge www.beveridge2010.com
John Dawson johndawsonforcongress.com
Chris Geissler chrisgeissler.netboots.net
Christopher Geissler Gregory S. Jacobs
Maria Rodriguez www.mariarodriguezforcongress.com
Joe Walsh walshforcongress.com

9th Congressional District

Susan Atanus www.atanususcongress.com
Joel Barry Pollak www.pollakforcongress.com

10th Congressional District

Beth Coulsoncoulsonforcongress.com
Robert Doldwww.doldforcongress.com
Arie Friedmanwww.friedman2010.com
Dick Greenwww.dickgreenforcongress.com
Paul Hamannhamannforcongress.blogspot.com

11th Congressional District

Adam Kinzinger www.electadam.com
Henry Meers, Jr. www.votemeers.us
Darrel Miller darrelforcongress.com
Dave White davewhiteforcongress.com

14th Congressional District

Ethan Hastert www.hastertforcongress.com
Randy Hultgren hultgrenforcongress.com

And for a list of the website of all candidates including Democrats, see www.uselections.com/il/il.htm.

And don’t forget the Chicago Tribune’s candidate questionnaire responses.

(Update, I have to apologize for the wrong number of days that was originally in the title. I threw the number 16 in at random in the title intending to go back and count the days after I got the websites all tracked down and then I forgot to go back and fix the headline. So, the Primary is on Feb. 2 — Ground Hog’s Day — so there are 38 days until the voting begins. Though early voting will start sooner.)
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38 Days Until the Primary In Illinois — A Web Resource”

  1. The list for US Senate needs to be up dated. Wallace is no longer running for the GOP nomination for US Senate. In his press release he stated that he would step aside to allow people to get behind one candidate. But he also implied that he could run as an independent candidate should Mark Kirk win the GOP nomination and if support was there for a third party candidate.

    In the mean time you should add his magazine to your list of news sources and blogs http://www.freedomsjournalmagazine.com and his blog http://www.fjmblog.com I am sure he’d appreciate that.

  2. Joe Walsh is the best chance we have to take back the 8th district and get rid of Melissa Bean.


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