New Ad: Lefty Group Calls Obama a Liar

-By Warner Todd Huston

A lefty Political Action Committee called Bold Progressives PAC is fed up with the political lies of … President Obama. They are chiefly upset at his lie that he never campaigned on the public option part of his socialist healthcare plan. Being good commies, Bold Progressives are a bit ticked off that Obama took a step back from his initial stated intention to torpedo any healthcare bill that didn’t have a public option included.

So, these folks got ticked enough to produce an ad calling Obama on his lies.

Now according to Politico, this Bold Progressives group is “One of the most aggressive defenders of the public option” and they’ve been pushing all sorts of extremist, left-wing ideas for a while now. This is no false flag operation. These guys are red through and through.

With the single fact that Obama is, indeed, a liar and that he really did campaign for the public option (as ABCs Jake Tapper noted recently), these moonbat lefties are 100% right. Obama did abandon them with his healthcare bill.

Of course, it doesn’t matter. Obama dumped the public option idea for a strategic reason, and he was “right” to do so, at least right as far as reaching his goals of a complete government take over of our healthcare system is concerned.

Obama is smart enough to know that dumping the public option now doesn’t matter a whit if his healthcare bill gets passed in any form. After all, even if it isn’t a reality in THIS bill, a total government take over of our healthcare is inevitable IF this bill gets passed at all. In that case, the so-called public option won’t even matter because there won’t be any other option in the long run. Obama knows this.

In the meantime The Obammessiah gets to fool the mushy-minded moderates out there into thinking he’s being conciliatory and thereby he might gain their foolhardy support for his socialist plans. Of course, later they’ll find out that they’ve lost their country — precisely Obama’s final goal.
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