Gutierrez Illegal Amnesty Bill to Cost Illinois Tax Payers Jobs and Will Raise Taxes

From the Rosanna Pulido campaign:

Rosanna Pulido, Citizen Candidate for the Illinois 5th Congressional district seat is strongly opposed to the Amnesty Bill legislation being introduced by Representative Gutierrez of the 6th district.

Pulido states that, ‘with one in ten Illinoisans laid off of work ,unemployment rates at the highest level in decades and millions of Americans facing tough financial choices, the last thing our country needs is another short sighted politician trying to fix a real problem by throwing hardworking taxpayers money at it.’

Pulido’s position is that Congress has a responsibility to ensure that available jobs are filled by legal workers. “That is why I have been a long time supporter of E-Verify.” Pulido continued “With more than 16 million Americans out of work, passage of any amnesty legislation would expose the failure of Congress to live up to its basic responsibilities to the American taxpayer and the American worker.”

In particular Pulido identified one component of the proposed legislation, the DREAM ACT which, if passed, would require American taxpayers to pay in part or in full for a college education for people in this country illegally. Pulido thinks this legislation is nothing short of insanity on the part of Congressman Gutierrez. Instead of lightening the tax load for millions of Americans he is piling on the debt of taxpayer funded college tuition’s for people she believes he is counting on to build his political power base. According to Pulido, ‘Luis Gutierrez is a great example of how out of touch Congress is with the overburdened American taxpayers.’

As part of Pulido’s platform, she would be in favor of the government suspending all unnecessary immigration until the economy recovers and the unemployment rate drops to below 5 percent. Pulido summarizes her analysis, ‘Gutierrez who advocates the need for more foreign workers when our unemployment rate is 10.2 percent certainly doesn’t have this country’s best interest at heart.’

Rosanna Pulido, is a nationally recognized expert on illegal immigration. She has appeared on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” Lou Dobbs Tonight, CNN’s American Morning and notable radio broadcasts. Featured in new Documentary “A Better Life” Rosanna Pulido is currently a Candidate for the Illinois 5TH Congressional district.

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