Put Back Amendment News

-By Warner Todd Huston

John Bambeneck is making headway with his Put Back Amendment and recently appeared on WCIA 3 News.

CHAMPAIGN–John Bambeneck says the state capitol is hopelessly broken. He says we send 177 legislators to Springfield, but power is only vested in the four leaders at the top. That’s why he’s proposing a package of reforms and calling on citizens to back him up. There’s a running list of petitions on his website called “The Putback Amendment.” He wants more transparent government. That means 7-day public viewing of all legislation before lawmakers vote. Plus he’s setting out to do away with a centralization of power. No more house and senate: Just one chamber. And no more than eight years in office. “They stagnate,” he said of lawmakers who’ve held the same post year after year after year. “They stop solving problems and start having more of a factory mindset.” “It’s not healthy from an organizational prospective to have the same person doing the same thing for decades on end,” he added.

Bambeneck references the Speaker of the House who’s held his post for almost 30 years. He says there’s a reason why we’ve term-limited positions like the presidency.

Representative Bill Black appreciates voters coming up with ideas for change. He says what Illinois has gone through is depressing. We have one governor in prison and possibly one on the way, but he says it isn’t the House of Representatives that got our state into trouble. In fact, it’s the House that brought about Blagojevich’s impeachment.

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