Famous Leftist Michael Moore Snubs Union in Flimmaking

-By Warner Todd Huston

Michael Moore fancies himself a man of the left. He’s many times claimed to be the best friend to all unions. He’s claimed to be a man of the people… well, one that’s a mutli millionaire that rides about in limos, anyway. He’s even trying to advertise his new film by giving free tickets to union members. But, one union is refusing to accept those free tickets. Why? Because Moore somehow forgot to hire union stagehands when he made that film.

Like most of what he does, Moore’s lefty rhetoric is made the lie by his actual actions.

Moore did not hire any members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees for his newest film and because of that the American Federation of Teachers has officially turned away his offer of free tickets to his new film, “Communism, a love story” (I think that’s the title… isn’t it?).

Ooops. Looks like Moore is as “real” as the MGM backlots!

(Originally posted at TheUnionLabelBlog.com.)

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