Bring Back Anti-Sodomy Laws!

-By Don Boys, Ph.D.
Politicians, professors, preachers, pundits, perverts, and ordinary people packed the committee room at the Indiana State Capital in October of 1978. The occasion was the introduction of my bill to make sodomy illegal again in Indiana, as it had been for a hundred years. In fact, I used the same language that was the original law before radicals repealed it a couple years before I was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives.
After I made my case for the bill, quoting classic studies from highly reputable experts that supported my position that homosexuals are not “born that way,” do recruit, do molest far more than heterosexuals do, and are very dangerous people, the chairman asked for comments. Two preachers came to my defense then the opposition from Indiana University, the media, and academia came down hard on me and my bill. You might think that I was suggesting cameras in every bedroom and stringing up homosexuals from the maple trees on the capital lawn. Or, as Thomas Jefferson suggested, that they be castrated! No, I only suggested 12 years in prison as had been the law for many years.
A professor spoke in defense of sodomy enumerating some famous homosexuals in history. All he proved was that some famous people in history were sexual deviates! No one disputes that. Some famous people in history were drunks, child molesters, thieves, wife beaters, and killers. I could not restrain myself and laughed in his face and into the cameras when the professor declared that King David and Jonathan “were lovers,” (something I had never heard before that time).  Sorry, but it was so outrageous, it was funny. He then did it again when he said that God did not destroy Sodom because of sodomy but (are you ready for this?) it was because the Sodomites were not hospitable to their visitors! I still have his handout making his position.
Perverts (perfectly good word) made the pitch that they were not looking for special rights. They only wanted to be left alone. They wanted to move to a nice suburban home with a picket fence, park matching Volvos in the driveway, and live happily ever after. “Just leave us alone.” I suggested that they wanted far more than that. I said, “You want the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval upon your wicked lifestyle, but you’ll not get it as long as Bible believing Christians are around.” (The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval guarantees the reliability of products advertised in their magazine and has done so since 1909.)
I may have been wrong because it seems the constant assault by the media, the brainwashing by the public schools, and the failure on the part of churches to teach biblical truth has won the day for perverse living. No longer are the sodomites the bad guys corrupting society but those who warn against them are perceived as “haters” and “bigots.” I tell the truth about sodomy and am called a hater and those who twist the truth like a pretzel are perceived as noble, kind, and liberal. Homosexuals along with liberal politicians will lie, distort, connive, and conspire to make what any sane person knows is abnormal and unnatural into something that is legal, acceptable, even desirable! It is a strange, strange world! 
Even many religious leaders tell us that the Bible is not clear and after all, few juries would send someone to jail for “loving another way.” However, they don’t understand that it is a matter of truth; moreover, with anti-sodomy laws, there would be prosecution for restroom recruiting, cruising, etc.
If Wisconsin had had an anti-sodomy law, the police could have saved many lives from being snuffed out by sodomite Jeffrey Dahmer who molested and killed at least 17 boys, then had sex with them, then ate some of them. At one time, one of them escaped and ran into the street naked, drugged, and bleeding from his rectum. Jeff went after him and noticed that his lover had been stopped by the cops. Jeff told them his “19-year old lover” (who was really 14-years old) and him had had a spat and the kid was returned to Jeff (who was characterized by a Roman Catholic nun as a “boy with a good heart”). Within hours, the boy was dead, his body partly eaten by the “boy with a good heart”! Seven skulls, a heart, several severed hands and penises were found in his apartment!
My bill did not pass because of wimpish Republicans who joined with Democrats to kill it in committee. They also killed common sense.
The Federal Government is considering the outcome of the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill that would penalize decent Christians and protect pedophiles and would make this column illegal and expose me to a prison term. So be it.  
Bring back anti-sodomy laws in each state. At least it might keep some of them deep inside the closet if they aren’t in prison and that’s better than nothing.
Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, author of 13 books, frequent guest on television and radio talk shows, and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years His most recent book is ISLAM: America’s Trojan Horse! His websites are and

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