Reuters Attacking Joe the Plumber… STILL!

-By Warner Todd Huston

What is with Reuters and “truth”? Apparently truth is something with which Reuters is wholly unfamiliar. The wire service proved this point once again by yet another attack on Joe the Plumber, that stalwart Ohioan that asked Obama a tax question during the campaign causing then candidate Obama to utter his gaffe about government “spreading the wealth.”

Here is what Reuters said of Joe on July 25:

Reporters later learned that Wurzelbacher did not have a plumbing license, was behind on his taxes, had a real first name of Sam, and was unmarried with a teenage son.

These things are basically lies against Mr. Wurzelbacher, lies that the left has been promulgating since Joe became the subject of smear campaigns because he helped unveil Obama’s socialist outlook on government power.

Joe said he worked in plumbing and he did at the time he met Obama. Just because he hadn’t obtained his license yet does not mean he never worked in plumbing.

Joe was not “behind” on his taxes. In fact, the state of Ohio had not even alerted him to his tax status and had not processed his 2007 taxes before he met Obama on the campaign trail. Further, the only reason that lefty attack dogs found out about his taxes is because an employee in Ohio state government illegally looked into his records and illegally reported the findings to reporters.

Oh, and Joe really is his name. It is his middle name. His full name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher and he goes by his middle name. In fact, Joe and I have at least three things in common, our fathers are from Cincinnati, we were both born in Ohio and I, too, often go by my middle name instead of my first name.

And, what does his marital status have to do with anything, anyway?

But this is what the left does. They chant their mantras and talking points based on misleading “facts” or outright lies in order to continue smearing their political opponents long after their day in the sun is about over.

(Photo credit: Reuters/Brian Snyder)
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