A message to my faithful Townhall readers

-By Warner Todd Huston

As of today, I will cease updating my Townhall mirror blog

Well, folks, this is the end of my Townhall version of Publius’ Forum. I have been updating my Townhall blog with my content now for several years, but it just is no longer worth my time. So, I am not going to update it any more. April 20th will be the last new entries.

I dearly hope that the dozen or so people that followed me on the Townhall mirror migrate to my home blog and continue to follow me. Now that you’ve clicked through to this blog, I hope you’ll stick around.

WHY no more Townhall blog? Read on…

Well, since you asked…

Here is the thing. I get thousands of hits a day on my posts on the other sites I run. But the Townhall site never gave me more than 50 to 100 hits a day. And what’s more it hasn’t changed (up or down) for almost 2 years. Only one month did I see more than 4,000 hits and that was during September of 2008. Every other month seemed to average about 2,000 visits or so.

This tells me that the Townhall system makes no effort at all to help its own bloggers get any traffic. There is no community. And from the once every 2 months bolog updates by the Townhall blog admin, well, that isn’t surprising.

Anyway, with so few eyes seeing my posts there on Townhall, it just isn’t worth all the time it takes to put them up. There are several more problems on Townhall (such as the damnable bad word filter that takes out even common words that AREN’T bad words) and its constant outages and slowness that adds to my deciding to give it up. It is not a very successful blogging platform in the first place — though it is by far better now than when it was first rolled out. They have done an adequate job debugging what they have, for sure.

But, the upshot is that I just don’t have enough time in the day to waste constantly updating a blog that so few people will ever see. Further, my work gets out there on many other websites, so Townhall is just another place to me and it doesn’t rank too high on that list either.

So, I hope those of you from my Townhall blog that came here to find out what the special message was will stay here on my home blog and continue to comment like you did on Townhall. Sue, Donnie, Piker, Glenn, Interface, and so many others, please stay here and keep me company.

And for sure, thanks for reading my Townhall ineration.


Warner Todd Huston

One thought on “
A message to my faithful Townhall readers”

  1. WTH,
    Can’t blame you for this move, although you have left the door open, so here I am. Registered and still a fan.

    You did ask for it.


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