Feds: Brunner Doesn’t Have to Reveal Voter Mismatches

-By Warner Todd Huston

The U.S. Justice Dept. will probably not intervene before election day in Ohio to force Sec. of State Jennifer Brunner to verify new voter registrations, her office announced on Thursday.

The dispute between the GOP with Rep. John Boehner in the lead and Brunner, a Democrat, concerns the fate of thousands of new voter registrations that are incomplete or have conflicting information on them.

Brunner maintains that there isn’t time to verify the legality of the registrations and also claims that her computer database is not capable to achieve the task of weeding out these “mismatches.” For his part, Rep. Boehner is concerned that vote fraud is endemic among these faulty registration cards.

Brunner claims that there will be plenty of time after the election to fix the computer databases… of course, by then the vote fraud will have had plenty of time to influence the election in favor of Barack Obama.

“I’m disappointed by the Justice Department’s refusal to stop Secretary Brunner’s calculated effort to undermine the integrity of Ohio’s election,” Boehner said.

Members of former Sec. of State Kenneth Blackwell (Brunner’s successor) claim that Brunner charge that the database is in poor shape is untrue. Former asst. Sec. of State Marty Lobb told the Columbus Dispatch that he felt Brunner was just trying to blame others for her own failures. “To me, much easier to project (blame) onto someone else,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “Feds: Brunner Doesn’t Have to Reveal Voter Mismatches”

  1. Why am I not surprised about voter fraud being used as a means of winning an election. Is voter fraud something new in the American election process? The question is why do we have to wait every 4 years for this to rear its ugly head? Why isn’t there a concerted effort to design a voting process that we can rely on (ok it wouldn’t be perfect but what is).

    The point is folks there is this concept out there that WE MUST WIN AT ALL COSTS even if it means cheating. We know it is done in athletics with the doping scandals and in business (like ENRON).

    There does not seem to be any integrity anymore. It seems that there is a common thinking that “if I can get away with it it is ok and if/when I get caught I can get out of it somehow”.

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