Twenty Questions For Senator Barack Obama the Media May Have Missed

-By Israel Teitelbaum

1. What were you thinking as you sat through 20 years of Rev. Wright’s hate speech?

2. Is it plausible, as you claim, that you never heard him spew any hate speech?

3. What did you see in Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers?

4. Why did he help you launch your political career?

5. Why won’t you reveal a certified copy of your original birth certificate?

6. Why won’t you release your records from Occidental and Columbia College?

7. What are you hiding in your health record?

8. How will you provide all you are promising without taking more money from overburdened taxpayers?

9. By taxing large corporations, won’t they jack up prices on consumers?

10. Why are African Americans telling their brothers that Obama will take the White Man’s money and give it to them?

11. Why did Jesse Jackson say that Obama will change America’s policy toward Israel?

12. What was your reason for joining Farrakhan’s “Million Man March”?

13. Why won’t you allow parental choice via school vouchers?

14. How can you fix education with more money when this solution has failed for the past four decades?

15. Where does the Constitution allow government to financially coerce parents to send their children to bad schools?

16. Since government has failed us in education and other endeavors, how can it improve health care?

17. If you know how to fix the economy, why didn’t you sponsor legislation to prevent the financial collapse?

18. Why did you oppose legislation prohibiting the killing of babies while they are being born?

19. Why is fraud ridden ACORN supporting you for president?

20. Why do so many Leftists and America haters, including Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez, support you?

Israel Teitelbaum is currently creating a new school choice organization to help further the efforts to improve our public schools. His blog will soon be up and running at Mr. Teitelbaum can be reached at

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