Brian Williams: McCain/Palin Shunning Him Because of Olbermann/Matthews

-By Warner Todd Huston

In the Actions have consequences department, Brian Williams recently told David Letterman that the McCain camp is punishing him by not allowing him to interview Sarah Palin because the McCain camp is mad at MSNBC’s extreme leftism as evinced by Chris "Thrill up my leg" Matthews and Keith Olbermann. Is Brian crying? There’s no crying in broadcasting!

During his visit on The Late Show with David Letterman, Brian Williams admitted that he is the only network anchor that has yet to be granted an interview with Governor Palin but that he “cannot wait” to interview her.

As to why he has yet to be granted that interview, Williams thinks it’s because the McCain camp is “unhappy” with the far left editorial leanings of NBC’s cable outlet MSNBC.

“I’ve put a general invite out to the campaign,” Williams told Letterman. “I’ve asked them about it. We think it’s because they’re unhappy with our cable programming. But I’m here. I’m waiting.”

I’d have to say, if the McCain camp really is refusing to deal with NBC/MSNBC it would be a proper decision to make. Why go on with people whom they know straight out won’t give them serious treatment. MSNBC has long ago stopped pretending to be a "news" station and taken up the role as far left political advocates. The McCain camp properly understands that they won’t get a fair shake from Brian Williams and the gang at NBC/MSNBC.

So, I say good on McCain.

But, gee, what might make the McCain camp suspicious of MSNBC, you might wonder?

Could it be that Keith Olbermann can’t even do Sunday Night Football game without going into attack mode on Governor Sarah Palin?

For that matter, Keith Oblermann can’t even be civil to other TV personalities on his own network. Nor can Olbermann stomach other media types that show any harsh word against his chose candidate, Obama.

And this man has been touted as the prima donna of the network.

How could McCain expect a fair shake on the network that bows to Olbermann’s every will?

And, let’s not forget the other doyen of MSNBC, Chris Matthews.

Of course, we can’t forget the many times that Chris Matthews has professed that old “thrill going up my leg” that Obama constantly gives him. Doubtless the McCain campaign cannot forget it either.

The McCain camp surely noticed when Matthews said to a student that those who vote for Obama are searching for “expertise.” Nor that he purposefully twisted a reply that Sarah Palin made about Israel to make it into something naive and dangerous. Nor could they excuse the time when Matthews ran flack against the McCain campaign in favor of Obama when Obama as much as called Palin a “pig.”

And these are just a few of the latest examples of the outrages against McCain’s campaign perpetrated by the “news” team at MSNBC.

No, I can’t for the life of me understand why McCain might be suspicious of MSNBC/NBC. Can you?

(Photo credit: NYPost)

Below is a list of some of MSNBC’s most recent instances of extreme liberal bias:


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