LA Mayor Caught by Jilted Hubby, Flees Leaving Paramour in Dangerous Situation?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Sounds like a headline from a tabloid tattle sheet doesn’t it? Sadly, its more tabloid political campaigning too.

The story is that Mayor Kip Holden of Baton Rouge, Louisiana was “involved” with a white woman somewhere deep in the night in Baton Rouge when her hubby walked in on them. Things supposedly got heated and the jilted hubby popped the mayor in the eye. Well, the puff-eyed mayor ran out to his police bodyguard/driver and demanded the officer arrest the enraged man on the charge that he was a threat to the well-being of the wayward wifey. But, the officer reminded the pounded mayor that an official report would have to be filed if the man was arrested. With that, the mayor supposedly told his cop/driver to speed from the scene leaving the woman stranded in that possibly dangerous situation.

Naturally, everyone denies the tale. But, the focus is on who sent out the letter making these charges against the mayor instead of if the mayor was really IN that situation in the first place. Is it possible obfuscation by the mayor to hide his guilt, or justifiable outrage over a dirty political trick?

Were I a citizen of Baton Rouge, I’d want to be assured that the erstwhile mayor was NOT actually involved with another man’s wife and using a state paid police officer as his look-out before I worried too much about who sent out the letter disgorging the story!


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