Examiner.com Attacks Gov. Palin’s Unborn Grandchild

-By Warner Todd Huston

Ben Kamin: In Year 2024 Palin’s Grandchild a ‘Bastard,’ Loser Palin Operates a ‘Lenscrafters,’ Hates Grandson

Apparently, Rabbi Ben Kamin thinks he’s a funny guy. Yes, he must be auditioning for SNL with his latest column on the Examiner.com, a Denver based, Internet news service. You see, to devise the newest way to smear Governor Sarah Palin, the “Rabbi” thought it would be hilarious to wonder what the life of Palin’s grandchild, son-to-be of Palin’s daughter Bristol, will be like in the year 2024. This odious attack piece imagines the boy being called “bastard” by everyone, imagines Palin to be a washed up, loser who fakes her love for the boy, presents Todd Palin as distant, disgruntled, loveless and depressed, and pits the boy in the role of a downtrodden, suicide risk without a father. All these smears against a child not yet even born!

Despite his obscene attempt at political analysis, this Kamin fellow somehow achieved the title of “Spiritual Life Examiner” with the Internet news outlet. I guess this so-called Rabbi is the Jewish version of Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright, because it just goes to show that claiming to be a man of God and actually living that charge are not necessarily one and the same.

So, how is it that Rabbi Kamin portrayed Palin’s grandchild to be? Well, not nicely, that is for sure. In the first paragraph, Kamin posits that “Buck Palin” is a poor high school student because of being mistreated by those in his school as well as those in his community and family. He is also lonely because no one will talk to him, according to the mythically rotten life that Rabbi Kamin has dreamed up for the boy.

Kamin paints a future Sarah Palin as a braggart constantly going about loudly proclaiming that she “paved the way for women in the United States of America” even though she “lost” the election for vice president back in 2008.

Then Kaim presents Todd Palin as a mentally disturbed, loner that “sleeps a lot” and disappears into the Alaskan wilderness all the time. Kamin also imagines that Grandpa Todd will only have closely associated with his own grandchild “once or twice” by the time the boy is 16.

Kamin imagines that the “security people” that stay with the family will call the boy a “bastard.” In fact, Kamin imagines that everyone will do so and that when people call him that it makes him feel “terrible.”

In fact, the truth is a lot of my friends in school have called me that: Bastard. They know my name is Buck but they still do it. It makes me feel terrible.

Next “Rabbi” Kamin imagines that an older Sarah Palin “obviously smiles” when she sees the boy showing that she is hiding her hatred for him. Then he says that her life is taken up by the opening and operation of a “new Lenscrafters store” in Wasilla that sells sunglasses with his mother Bristol’s name on them. Sarah is shown as a bitter woman in Kamin’s farcical, hatefest.

Next up, we have young “Buck Palin” lamenting that his father is distant and won’t talk to him. And then Kamin makes the joke that the boy was the “one they kept to rally the base” as if it would have been better for the boy to have been aborted instead of born. Finally, the boy decides that his Church is a lie and that he’ll refuse to attend because he isn’t “special.”

Apparently to support his dark political tenets of anti-life, Rabbi Kamin wants this poor child to have a life of hell to prove that aborting him would have been a better solution. I don’t know about you but I find this the most disturbing point of all in this ribald Rabbi’s hectoring hatemongering.

But, the abortion angle aside, Kamin also assumes that no one in Palin’s family will ever really love this boy. How is it that Kamin knows the Palin family so well that they will hate one of their own? One wonders if it is Kamin’s projection of how he and his own family would treat such a child? But what ever the reasons Kamin finds in the dark corners of his mind to base this smear upon, there is no justification for the ideas he presents. No reading of the Palin family can be seen here. Only Kamin’s hatred shines through.

It’s always amazing to see Jews such as Kamin so eager to jump in bed with those who really are his true enemy. Sadly, it is the political side Kamin aligns himself with that supports anti-Jewish, anti-religious, and anti-life policies and the side that Kamin hates that expresses its desire to keep Israel safe, support religious freedom and exalt life as a precious thing.

But, whatever Kamin’s woefully misguided political beliefs, for him to use the life of a child not yet even born as grist for his disgusting political hatred is beyond the pale. A man of the left he may be, but a man of God? That seems highly doubtful.


Just as I was about to publish this piece, it appears that the Examiner site made the wayward Rabbi pull his piece down. In its place was a temporary apology for having published the thing at all.

I applaud the Examiner’s decision to be rid of the piece, but wonder why they left the Rabbi still able to contribute?

Because the piece is no longer on the site, here is the full text as originally posted. There is no way not to get infuriated at this garbage. (And here is the Google cached page while it lasts)

‘Hi, I’m Sarah Palin’s grandson and I’m not sure what to do with myself’

October 3, 7:54 AM 
by Rabbi Ben Kamin, Spiritual Life Examiner

Wasilla, Alaska, October 3, 2024

Hi, I’m Sarah Palin’s grandson and I live here in Wasilla. I’m sixteen now and am having trouble staying in high school. Really liked my years at Fawn Mountain Elementary because I don’t remember too many people talking to me, or about me, as they do now.

My name is Buck Palin Johnston. You probably know that I was pretty famous when I was born, after Grandma Sarah lost the election to be vice president of the United States of America. She always calls it the United States of America. The whole phrase. She likes saying it. “I paved the way for women in the United States of America, Buck. You should be proud of me because nothing will ever be the same ever again.”

Grandpa Todd doesn’t talk too much about it. He’s not around much anyway. Takes a lot of night trips across the ice and when he is home, he sleeps a lot. I went with him once or twice. There were always a lot of security people around. Some of them were cool, but others complained a lot about the cold and the dark. It really hurt me when I overheard one of them saying, “I gotta take care of the bastard.” In fact, the truth is a lot of my friends in school have called me that: Bastard. They know my name is Buck but they still do it. It makes me feel terrible.

I kind of wish things were more like “the same,” even though Grandma Sarah says things are never going to be the same. You know, in the United States of America. I wish Sarah didn’t so obviously smile when she sees me. She spends most of her time running the new Lenscrafters store she set up in Wasilla. They have a line of sunglasses named for my Mom. The Bristol. Whatever. Grandma still looks good at 65. I get it now, but for years she seemed very mad at a friend of hers that she said let her down in that election. A Joe Six-Pack. I get it now. In fact, I like beer. Girls call me. But I feel kind of lonely a lot. Wish I had a purpose in life. Maybe I’d feel more like being around then in general. Grandma just keeps telling me to cheer up and Google myself.

I wish my Dad were around. He never really stuck by much. He would say, “Hey, it ain’t my fault your mother is Sarah Palin’s daughter.” He still plays a lot of hockey. I really liked it when he took me to the Red Onion Saloon last month in Skagway. He gets free drinks there. His face gets dark though a lot. I wish he’d talk to me. I wish I was the same as other boys.

One fella at the Red Onion poked me pretty hard. His breath was bad and he was laughing. He said: “Oh, you’re the one they kept to rally the conservative base. Ha!” I thought he was talking about some baseball game and I didn’t come through or something. I understand it now and it makes me feel worse.

My Mom and my Grandmother used to take to me church all the time. I won’t go anymore. The minister would constantly scream about abstinence and how sinful it is to have pre-marital sex. I know he’s right and I feel bad about the whole thing. They say I’m special but I really don’t feel so special. People don’t know what to say to me. I’m not supposed to cry. But I do in private. Sometimes.

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