Some Endorsements Worth Review

-By Vince Johnson

Since Sarah Palin was nominated for Vice President my E-mail has been overloaded with negative and caustic commentary about both McCain and Palin. My response is herewith respectfully submitted.

Back in July 2008, Obama was proud to accept the endorsement of John Edwards. I can’t fault Obama for never mentioning this fact once since the day Edwards denied being the father of a baby born by a woman he was dating while his wife was battling breast cancer.

Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton have endorsed Barack Obama. This is one endorsement I am absolutely certain that neither Palin nor McCain would object to.

After pleading guilty to two charges of Obstructing Justice, (Felonies) Kwame Kilpatrick recently resigned as Mayor of Detroit. The resignation is effective September 18, 2008 and it isn’t likely that Obama will continue to acknowledge Kwame’s support. There is one thing for sure, Barack Obama did not allow Kwane’s endorsement to be mentioned at the DNC National Convention.

Mohammad-Ali Fardanesh, a Political Science professor at Shahid Beheshti University in Iran is lavish with his praise of Barack Obama and very critical of the abilities of both McCain and Palin.

Hillary and Oprah have both endorsed Obama. During the Primaries, Hillary did not believe BO could win and said so. If he loses, she will find a way to say “I told you so.” If BO wins, Hillary will claim it was her endorsement that made the difference. I admire what Oprah has done with her career and believe BO will gain many votes from her endorsement. How will this affect Hillary’s future? My time is too valuable to waste on this sort of speculation.

The last I heard, Bill Maher, has endorsed BO and the Democrats have not wasted any of their time bragging about it. Would You?

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