The Original Mavericks

-By Warner Todd Huston

A warning comes to my mind from this ad. The fact that Republicans are just as eager to smack down the Republican Party as anyone else seems to me to be a very upsetting notion. Not upsetting as in a liar’s claim, but upsetting that it is TRUE!

Think of it people. We are all ecstatic that Palin is on the ticket, we are all resigned that McCain is on the ticket. BOTH are famous for attacking their own Party! And we are FINE with that for the most part (though McCain has taken it too far more often than not).

What will this “maverick” deal spawn? Will it create a whole raft of GOP followers that specialize in bucking the GOP? And won’t that weaken this party even more than it already is?

Food for thought. Let’s not take this “maverick” thing too far.

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