Bush Gets Tremendous Crowds in S. Korea, US Media Ignores Story

-By Warner Todd Huston

Over at Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft introduces us to Amy Proctor’s report on the amazingly large crowd of South Koreans that came out to welcome George W. Bush to their country. It’s a good thing that Amy clued us in here in America, because our media sure ignored the story of this large turnout.

Amy directs our attention to The Korea Times report that revealed that 374 “conservative groups” intended to “stage a large-scale demonstration welcoming Bush, at Seoul Plaza,” and boy did they ever come through. It turns out, the anti-Bush protesters were only able to muster a could of hundred protesters while the pro-Bush rally saw 15,000 Koreans turn out to participate.

Amy reminds us that none of the pro-Bush rallies were sponsored by the South Korean government, too.

But, true to fashion, the western media did its level best report only the bad. On August 5, at 6:07am EDT, Reuters first tried to report the President’s visit with this headline: Bush arrives in Seoul, faces large anti-US protest. But once the truth started coming out, Reuters tried to cover its obvious mistake with this later headline: Bush arrives in Seoul, anti-U.S. protest fizzles.

Amy also found some nice video of the pro-Bush rally.

So, what happened to the US press? Where were the reports of this massive outpouring of affection for George W. Bush? They didn’t seem to have a problem showing the love the Europeans dished out to Barack Obama, did they? So, why the silence on the well received Bush visit?

Somehow, the media sort of missed that one, eh?

Great report Amy and good work.

(Photo credits: #1 AP, #2 Reuters)


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