Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to Address Independence Day Rally

-By Israel Teitelbaum

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, host of the daily national radio program, The Rabbi Shmuley Show on Oprah & Friends, XM Satellite Radio, and host of the award-winning national TV show, Shalom in the Home on TLC, will address a rally for school choice this coming July 3rd, 7:30 PM, at the Leon and Toby Cooperman JCC, 760 Northfield Ave., West Orange, NJ. This event, combined with a Freedom Concert, will launch a grass roots drive on behalf of national legislation to restore equal educational opportunity for every child.

Boteach has been a long time advocate of parental choice in education and is also the international best-selling author of 19 books, including his most recent work, The Broken American Male: And How to Fix Him, released by St. Martin’s Press in January of 2008. His recent works, Parenting With Fire and Ten Conversations You Need to Have With Your Children were both launched on Oprah’s TV show.

In 2007, Rabbi Shmuley was labeled “a cultural phenomenon” and “the most famous rabbi in America” by Newsweek magazine, and was named one of the ten most influential rabbis in America. Also in 2007, Rabbi Shmuley was honored by The National Fatherhood Initiative, receiving their most prestigious award for his efforts on Shalom in the Home to promote the importance of a caring father in the contemporary family. He was also named by Talkers Magazine as one of the hundred most important radio hosts in America.

Featuring the music of the fast rising Jewish rock band Yaakov Chesed and the popular Reality Addiction, Independence Day Rally 2008 is expected to spark a national movement for equal educational opportunity. Comedian Reuven Russell will present The Great Debate, exploring the issue of school choice in a most insightful and humorous manner.

Leading the drive for national legislation to require equitable disbursement of educational funds is Roland Straten, candidate for U.S. Congress from New Jersey’s 8th District. He is a firm believer in less government and more individual freedom. Although more than 50 years have passed since Milton Friedman first introduced his voucher plan, this is the first time his idea is being proposed as national legislation.

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For further information: 973-267-4213 or email Israel@SchoolChoiceVoter.org

Israel Teitelbaum is currently creating a new school choice organization to help further the efforts to improve our public schools. His blog will soon be up and running at SchoolChoiceVoter.org. Mr. Teitelbaum can be reached at israel@schoolchoicenj.org.

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