SEIU Report: Andy Stern’s Iron Fist Appears in So-called Training Session

-By Warner Todd Huston

Andy Stern just cannot resist making sure his little robots are all in line, can he? Apparently, Stern doesn’t trust that his membership can go even a second without his propagandizing them. Under the guise of a “training session” SEIU member Michael Rivera reports that the SEIU corporate line is all they will got in lieu of any training.

Delegate Training? Or Campaign Speech?

SEIU officials used today’s trainings for first-time delegates to promote their plan to divide long-term care workers from hospital workers, but not without meeting some resistance.

We went in expecting explanations of Robert’s Rules and other convention specifics, but we didn’t get the in-depth information we wanted. Instead, we heard a presentation from International Executive Vice President Mary Kay Henry, who told us, “I expect you all to pass the Justice for All platform.”

UHW Delegate Vicki Taylor challenged her: “You speak of democracy and having a vote, but the only platform issues included in our delegate packets were the Justice for All literature. This time was supposed to be devoted to addressing delegate training, not pushing the Justice for All platform.”

So, out with any informative training and in with the indoctrination of Stern’s party line. Looks like Andy Stern just doesn’t trust his people without his beating them over the head with his powergrabbing ideas. He’ll promulgate his iron rule even at the expense of allowing time for his people to learn new things and benefit from actual training.

I often wonder if SEIU members feel as young as Andy Stern treats them? After all, the continual scolding and hectoring that Stern and his henchmen give the membership makes it seem as if he considers them more like errant children than sentient adults.


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