Happy May Day

-By Glenn Flowers

Thursday, May 1st, was May Day, usually associated with parades of military might through Red Square or a Maypole with colored streamers leading skipping children in dizzying circles. But, very few remember or ever knew that President Dwight Eisenhower declared May 1st to be Law Day, a day for remembrance and celebration of our republic and the rule of law that seperates our nation from most of the rest of the world.

How ironic it is then, on Law Day, that several thousand illegal immigrants openly and defiantly marched through L.A. to City Hall flaunting their status a illegal, and daring the authorties to act on that status. But, this is California.
Home of the Governator. Carrying Mexican flags and signs proclaiming “We Clean Your Toilets” and “We Take Care of Your Children”, they made their way downtown in a chorus of chants declaring their desire to be treated as equal and valid workers. In a nation they have entered illegally. Refusing to leave. Claiming legitimacy on the basis that they are already here. Oh, and we should not notice or care that it is a crime for them to be here After all, we hire them.

I suppose none of them knew of Ike’s proclamation, or even cared about the underlying formalities he sought to honor. It wouldn’t have changed anything anyway.

No, they have the full support of L.A. mayor Antonio Villa Regosa, the Chief of Police, and the apathy of anyone else who might have challenged them with the law. Standing on the steps of city hall the mayor pleaded for I.C.E., U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, to halt the raids on employers and workplaces that hire illegals as is their duty under the law, and concentrate on stopping the abuse and exploitation of the illegals by unscrupulous employers, which is not their duty under the law. Talk about missing the entire concept of laws, legality, and crime. But, the mayor is, in fact, a democrat and Hispanic.

So what am I surprised at? Nothing. I’m not in the least surprised, in fact, I have come to expect just this type of irony and audacity anytime I encounter the left wing thought process, however manifested.

I was just sayin’. ya’ know?

So, Happy Law Day. Or May Day, Whichever.

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  1. I say let the illegals run rampid in Cali and LA.The citizens and legislators who support illegality and the looting of the freeb and welfare system will someday want to know where the money comes to support this ….SURPRIZE

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