Shame On Islam

-By Nancy Morgan

Americans wonder why moderate Muslims don’t publicly condemn Islamofascism, terrorism, and the hijacking of their religion by fanatics who use women as suicide bombers and babies as human shields. A question seldom asked is why Americans aren’t publicly condemning these atrocities.

The barbarism exhibited by the fanatical faction of Islam is beyond the pale, by any civilized standards. And while America waits for Muslims to step up and condemn these barbarians, we go about our business as usual, condemning instead the unthinkable practice of putting panties on terrorists’ heads, and the cruel and unusual punishment of including pork on the menu provided to terrorists incarcerated in Guantanamo.

The irrational hatred of the West by many Muslims is seldom questioned. Instead, a large segment of the American public has taken a cue from them, adopting irrational hatred as a political philosophy. By not condemning irrational hatred, we implicitly endorse it. Just as we implicitly endorse terror tactics by not condemning them.

Throughout history, communities, civilizations and cultures have learned by example. Take the growing number of teen tarts performing non-sex on their boyfriends. Thank-you, Boy Clinton. Take the increasing number of school shootings mirrored on Columbine. The examples abound. So why are we surprised when Muslims in America don’t condemn the murder being practiced under their noses and in their names? Because no-one else is. America is too busy trying to appear non-judgmental and worrying about what everyone is saying about us. For shame.

Tell me again, what religion is it that uses women and babies as cannon fodder? Why, its Islam, the religion of peace. I’d call this shameful, if shame were still in vogue. Its not. America is a guilt society, whose primary motivation is to appear non-judgmental and politically correct. The multiculturalist crowd has convinced a large portion of Americans that all cultures are equal. We spend our time trying to understand the unimaginable instead of condemning it. Meanwhile, the terrorists are laughing at our naivety, as they plot to kill anyone who doesn’t ascribe to their faith.

Islam is a society based largely on shame, and views any acquiesance as a sign of weakness. Like a spoiled child whose every whim is given consideration, Muslims have figured out that all they have to do is whine and all of America will try to sooth them, showering them with attention, thereby legitimizing their complaints. Americans then pat themselves on the back for being “tolerant” and “understanding”.

Before America banned shame, it was an effective deterrent. I dare say terrorists would think twice about blowing up women and children if they were branded as impotent cowards, devoid of honor, instead of being hailed as holy martyrs. For that matter, we could probably put a dent in gang violence by subjecting our own homegrown thugs to a couple days in the stocks, in front of all their friends. Shaming them, instead of providing them the rite of passage into ‘manhood’ a prison sentence now provides. But no, America would condemn that as shameful.

Alas, shame in America is now limited to those speaking a truth no one wants to acknowledge. Shame in America is heaped on dirty capitalists who provide jobs and all the money liberals patronizingly parcel out to feed a hungry world. Shame is reserved for anyone guilty enough to have amassed more money than their neighbors. Shame is reserved for those Americans who are impertinent enough to dare judge other cultures or call a spade a spade.

I never agreed to these rules. I was not consulted when the self-anointed elites began setting arbitrary standards of behavior that now affect us all. I’ve decided not abide by them. Instead, I am going to emulate the real heroes, like Wafa Sultan, a Sunni Muslim, who is one of the very few that dare speak out against the “religion” of Islam, saying “Any belief that chops off the heads of its critics is doomed to turn into terrorism and tyranny.”

If Islam sanctions the killing of innocents then Islam is not a legitimate religion. It is a shameful parody, lacking honor and not worthy of respect. Shame on those who enable it by not roundly denouncing it. And shame on our elected officials, those who value world opinion over the security and honor of their own country.

Readers who would label me judgmental (i.e.: having an opinion) would do well to think how the world would change if a few more individuals and countries started pronouncing judgment and heaping much deserved shame on the backwards, barbaric, murderous, immature, impotent, nihilistic, baby killing Neanderthals, who have hijacked a once great religion and turned it into an aberrant ideology that casts shame on the real religion of Islam.
Nancy Morgan is a conservative activist, columnist, talk-show host and senior editor for, a conservative news site.

Until 2001, Nancy was a producer in Los Angeles. Her company, Morgan Productions, was one of the very few conservative production companies on the west coast. Product included shows, documentaries, commercials and infomercials.

After 33 years of living in Los Angeles, Nancy decided to move to a climate more tolerant of conservatives, settling in 2002 in beautiful Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, where she lives today.

Nancy is a graduate of the National Journalism Center, former board member of Accuracy In Media and founder of Conservatives of Los Angeles and Carolina Conservatives. She is co-host of “Talk Back” at WGTN in Georgetown and active in conservative politics in South Carolina.

Her goal and her passion is making available the conservative point of view.

Nancy can be reached at:

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