Illinois, We DO Have a Voice — Vote YES on ConCon NOW

-By Warner Todd Huston

There is no doubt that the State of Illinois is broken. We have crooks running every state office on both sides of the aisle — Republican AND Democrat. We have $106 BILLION of unfunded liabilities and that debt to the State Government is growing every single day. Nearly on a daily basis we have our representatives and officials being indicted and sent to jail. We have a Democrat Governor who cannot work with either party (yes even the one that voted him into office) and who constantly goes on TV and announces new spending measures that he has never brought before the State government.

Illinois is the most corrupt State of the union. It’s just that simple.

So, what can we do? The voters and the citizens of Illinois have absolutely no say whatever in this State government. Aren’t we just up a creek without a paddle?

NO. The time is NOW for change. We DO have a voice, but only for a short time, so ACT NOW. It’s called a Constitutional Convention — or the ConCon. If we, the average citizens of the State of Illinois speak up now, we CAN have our say.

So, what the heck is this ConCon? It may sound boring, or too complicated for you to bother with. You may even think that since it is all involved with the government, you will still be on the outside looking in if you aren’t in that government.

Worse, the powers on both sides of the aisle in our state government are trying to keep this whole ConCon under wraps until it is too late for community groups to get organized to talk about it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Article 14 of the Illinois State Constitution says that every 20 years a Constitutional Convention will be called to consider changes to our State Constitution. It is now time for that 20-year call to be sounded. But if it slips by we will be out of luck for another 20 years, another 20 years where we won’t have a chance to take back our government.

This is NOT just a liberal or conservative call to arms, either. We citizens of the State have an opportunity to slap down our arrogant and criminal politicians regardless of our individual political leaning. They cannot hold us down anymore!

But we need to spread the word that we need to vote YES on the ConCon!

We have a chance to add a recall to get rid of criminals like Rod Blagojevich to our Constitution. We have the chance to fix our overspending ways. There are so many things we can do but ONLY if we vote YES on the ConCon.


For more info go to the Illinois Citizen Coalition.

Here is a 30-minute video that offers some facts on the ConCon:


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