New York Times’ Lede Blog Quotes Huston on Plagiarism

-By Warner Todd Huston

Apparently, Mike Nizza over at The New York Times blog The Lede picked up on the U of Texas plagiarism story I reported on the 31st. Writer Nizza also added my reaction from my Newsbusters posting in the piece.

In “Fighting College Plagiarism With Plagiarism?,” the Times quotes me to the effect that we can’t blame college plagiarism on the Internet as did Daniel Wueste, Director of the Center for Academic Integrity (as quoted by the AP).

Go on over to The Lede blog and take a look.

(By the way, for those unaware, the word “lede” is an old newspaper term to denote the most important, central point of a story. The lede is usually presented in the first few paragraphs of a story, preferably the very first one.)

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