Senate to Vote on 1 Year Pork Diet

-By Warner Todd Huston

Senator Jim DeMint, champion in the fight against wasteful Congressional spending called “earmarks,” is at it again today. He is proposing that the Senate approve a 1 year ban on earmark spending.

The Politico reports:

The first-term South Carolina Republican introduced the earmark moratorium after becoming convinced that the GOP’s participation in the provisioning of home-state pork — as well as its ties to lobbyists and all their “shameless requests” — had cost the party control of the House and the Senate in 2006.

Well, apparently the Senate is going to take this issue up today, so call your senator and tell him to support this measure.

It’s possible we can make headway against wasteful gov’t spending today, especially since it seems that all three presidential candidates are supporting the measure. The word is that McCain, Clinton and Obama are coming back to the Senate today to vote to approve the moratorium.

If this gets past, we have a year to work to eliminate them forever.

So, let’s go people. Contact your Senators and tell them that you want some responsibility in Washington for a change.

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