Gov’s Aide in Sex Assault on Boy… Democrat or Not?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Hello and welcome to today’s episode of “Democrat or Not?” Today we have the sordid tale of a “top official” in Governor Deval Patrick’s administration in Massachusetts who is accused of sexual misconduct with a minor in Florida. Oh, the story is filled with all sorts of details… well, all the details but one, of course.

Yes, folks, the AP gives us all the “relevant” facts:

A top official in Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration is accused of sexually assaulting a boy in the steam room of a Florida resort and has been placed on unpaid leave… Carl Stanley McGee, the assistant secretary for policy and planning, was arrested Dec. 28 after the suspected assault at the Gasparilla Inn and Club in Boca Grande, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

The AP story goes on to tell us that McGee met the boy at a resort at which they were both staying, how he chatted the underaged boy up one day and met him for oral sex in the resort’s steam bath facility the next. The AP even lets us all know that McGee “made $115,000 as a state employee,” and that he “worked at Boston law firms before joining the administration.”

We even get this bit of salacious detail from the AP story:

His marriage to John Finley IV in November 2005 was featured in The New York Times’ Vows column.

So, this well-publicized homosexual, state employee gets all his relevant data revealed by the AP in their story. Well… maybe not. You see, there is one little descriptive word that the AP seems to have forgotten in their avalanche of McGee’s resume.

And that word is DEMOCRAT.

Yes, I know its shocking, but the AP seems to have forgotten to mention that Carl Stanley McGee is a Democrat.

And so, today’s episode of “Democrat or not” leaves us with yet another example of the MSM (and the AP in particular) seemingly unable to bring themselves to mention a public official’s party affiliation in a report about his criminal activities when that criminal official happens to be a Democrat.

Thanks for playing AP, and as a lovely parting gift you win a home version of our game. Not that you need it.


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