TV’s The View Ready to Dump New Host Over ‘Conservative Religious’ Views? Already??

-By Warner Todd Huston

Are the producers and Barbra Walters over at TV’s The View already about to dump a new View Hostess over her controversial views? Rumors to that effect are beginning to leak out, anyway. While Rosie got well over a year to spout her anti-American, anti-Bush garbage before the folks at The View finally got motivated to dump her for a new hostess, it looks like the new gal isn’t as lucky. What seems to have disgusted The View’s backstage handlers this time is a perceived “conservative” doubting of evolution in favor of a religious viewpoint that Sherri Shepherd recently revealed in one of her early appearances.

So, at issue is the comment new Viewette Shepherd said about evolution. As Bill Zwecker, Chicago Sun-Times TV writer says:

A source on the show’s staff insists things ”are running quite smoothly” in this post-Rosie O’Donnell era, but there is talk Walters (plus Whoopi Goldberg and others) have been quite taken aback by some of Shepherd’s recent remarks — especially one when she questioned the validity of biological evolution.

”While Barbara was very big on [panel candidate] Kathy Griffin, she was concerned about hiring another ‘loose cannon’ after all the problems with Rosie,” the source says. “But now she reportedly has made a couple of comments that seem to indicate she’s thinking she may have made a mistake [in going with Shepherd instead].”

Naturally, the official word from The View is that everything is “running quite smoothly” but then again, they never acted as if Rosie’s mental breakdowns were upsetting anyone until the day they dumped her, now did they? Come to think of it, they never did admit she was trouble!

Still, Rosie got the benefit of many, many months to spew her verbal diarrhea, and indulge in her circus antics before they finally dumped her. But, then we all know why that is, right? Of course, it’s because she had views that emerged from the leftist extreme. And spewing out views from the left is “free speech,” right?

And now we have rumors that The View folk are ready to dump their newest member after only weeks on the show. Why?

Because her one “controversial” view might be perceived as coming from the right end of the ideological spectrum, and a religious one at that. And of course we know that any possible view that could be imagined as religious or coming from the eeeevil right are to be unmercifully quashed by those more caring and more tolerant lefties!

Remember, Rosie got well over a year. Shepherd has only been there since Sept. 10th!

Much as I hate Wikipedia, here is its recap of the so-called controversy over Shepherd’s comments:

Shepherd was the subject of controversy due to the September 18, 2007 broadcast of The View She was asked by co-host Whoopi Goldberg “is the world flat?” She first responded “…I don’t know” and expanded that she “never thought about it”, the co-star of two network programs continued that it was more important to her that she thought about how she was “going to feed my child”. Barbara Walters replied to this defense of her scientific illiteracy, “You can do both.” This came after she stated that she didn’t “believe in evolution. Period”, and before she began to quote scripture.

The very next day, Shepherd explained that she never had to defend her religious beliefs before, and that she became overwhelmed with the many questions that were being thrown at her. By the time Goldberg added her question, Shepherd was nervous and did not fully comprehend what was being asked. She stated that she knows that the world is round.

Well, there you have it folks. For a “controversy” this one seems silly, tame, even boring compared to the hatred spewed on a daily basis by the queen of scream!

Yet, this poor, confused gal gets a few weeks to make her fatal error while Rosie got to bellow for over a year before the ax fell.

Bummer for Sherri and free speech on The View.
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