That Wonderful Photo of Howard Gardner, Enemy to Our Nation

-By Warner Todd Huston

Now, its time to take a few minutes for some vitriol. I don’t usually do this as I prefer my vitriol to be simply an understood thing, something unnecessarily indulged in for the most part. After all, my subject matter and the disdain I hold toward it pretty much goes without saying if read clearly. I feel it doesn’t have to be reveled in. It’s obvious. I just don’t need such mindless cathartics. I’m far too secure with myself for it… usually!

But, this Howard Gardner twit really is a special case. He calls for a bit ‘o the blarney, methinks.

Just look at the picture of this numbskull, Gardner.

Look it over and see how his pose perfectly fits the emptiness of his ideology, the vacancy of his “intelligence.” Look at the vacuous glare in his eyes as he stares off into space, slobbering like a lobotomy patient with that half-grin of the mentally deficient spread across his feeble, soft face.

Off he stares into the wide blue sky, dreaming the dreams of the pandered to, wishing the wishes of those protected from the real world.

Look at his stooping, slight shoulders. It is so clear that he never had to do any physical labor his whole benighted life. The pencil thin arms so tenuously attached to his gaunt frame bespeaks of the weakest link in the chain, the kind that wouldn’t last ten seconds should he be cast into real life with the rest of us.

Yes, it’s obvious the man hasn’t worked a day in his life, painfully clear that his softness is a result of being cloistered with the other half-wit, leftists in University, those that he thinks are his friends. Naturally, they’d turn on him on a dime if they saw benefit in it to themselves, but he naïvely imagines they “love” him and are loyal to his brilliance.

This starry-eyed, emaciated purveyor of crock simply makes my skin crawl. He’s the kind that would hold his hands up in a bar fight and slightly whine out “Can’t we all just get along?” Then he’d be forever surprised that some better man clocked him one and sent his 1960s styled eyeglasses skittering across the gritty floor.

He’s the sort of misfit that never did feel comfortable around real people, but is somehow able to justify in his lonely little mind that he “knows” humanity well enough to decide what is best for them. Despite that he never had any real friends, he thinks he’s the better arbiter of what men should think, how they should react, what they should feel, what they should do in life.

This twit is the sort of insufferable bore that inexorably turns any gathering into the sort of numbing, somnambulated abstraction that sends any sentient person into a coma or makes them want to jam knitting needles into their ears rather than stand one more minute of his rambling proclamations of how life “should” be.

I’d bet even pets can’t stand him.

Yes, his picture says so much about him. It’s truly a perfect representation of the looming, empty chasm that exists where his soul should be.

I rather like it, actually.

It speaks to most of academia, as far as I can tell — especially the psychology and sociology fields. In fact, he seems the very picture of every so-called psychologist imaginable. The lack of science in their science calls out. The total dearth of connection to the humanity they pass judgment upon, the very unmanliness of their creed, the weakness and ineffectiveness just reeks from this one little photo.

So, I love it. It’s perfect, really.

Here’s to you Doc. I lift a beer to you this morning. Knowing that you exist makes me somewhat sad, of course, but knowing that you are out there, a true enemy to the vital, determined spirit of not only America but all mankind, gives we who need the enemy identified a tiny lift in our spirits.

So, here’s to you Mr. weak, emasculated pod-man. Have a great day. But remember this one thing: We true Americans are looking over your shoulder. You’ll not get away easily with your desires to castrate us all.

Now, wrap a nice sweater around your rail thin frame. A chill wind is blowing on your seditious posterior. Right behind you… it’s me and a million other eeevil conservatives.

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